Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 67 (v.1) - Mikes talk

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



…………… Angela fell asleep, Mike covered her with a blanket the steward offered him before coming and sitting opposite me my hand wrapped tightly round the whiskey glass I held as I stared out of the window


“You need a blanket” he nudged my leg with his foot I shook my head “You should try to get some sleep” he sat back and stifled a yawn


‘Sleeping brings dreams and right now mine aren’t pretty” I swirled the amber liquid in the glass and knocked it back


“That’s not going to help much” he pointed to the bottle next to me


“It does. It helps me feel something Mike” I looked at him “I fell the burn in me when it goes down because other than that I’m numb” I reached for the bottle as he pulled it away


“So you’re going home wasted assed drunk to face Chad down”


“This wasn’t my idea remember… I was fine alone”


“Bullshit thank God Kellan was there to catch you when you lost it” I narrowed my eyes at him “Chris He talked to me in the hall and told me the state you were in when he found you and that you couldn’t even bring yourself to go into the house” I chuckled a little “I’m done seeing you a broken person Sweetheart” he sat forward “I’m done watching you slowly implode you were doing so well getting passed the shit you’ve had to deal with “ He put his hands over mine “Chris you’re almost 20 years old and my brother is a fucking idiot for even thinking of going near Marianne again… he’s got you he doesn’t need her”


“So why did he go to her… Why didn’t he tell me he was going to meet her if he wasn’t going to get her into bed” I shook my head letting my hair fall forward “Half a woman Mike that’s all I am and he’s realizing it he’s trapped himself with me and I think he’s looking for a way out”

“No way is he” Mike shook his head I can talk to you till I’m blue in the face and sing his praises” he sat back and rubbed his temples “He’s a selfish son of a bitch he always has been, he’s never given a fuck what people thought of him, you know he was in and out of Juvvie growing up, hell the dumb fuck never graduated high school” I chewed my lip “He’s bounced from job to job damn he’s had  more women in his bed then  he’s had hot dinners” I looked at the deep blue carpet on the plane “I’m not telling you this to piss you off but hell we’ve got a few years on you and…”

“You are a gaggle of Man-whores” I took the whiskey bottle from him and reached for a second glass and poured us both a drink

“Hell yeah” he shrugged and looked over at his sleeping wife “But things make you stop and change… people come into your life and stop you doing the fucked up stuff, you don’t get it right all the time hell she’s packed her bags twice and left me” he looked back at me “Give him the chance to at least explain what he did, why he did it and I know for a fact he’d never cheat on you never”


“I’m just confused and hurt and so pissed that she’s even still sniffing around a married man… My man” I knocked back the whiskey, Mike smiled at me “What?”


“Your man” he flashed the same Smile that Chad does when he’s seen something he likes “You still consider him yours even as pissed as you are with him” I took a deep breath “He’s as much under your skin as you’re under his” Mike got up and took my glass and reached for another blanket and put it over me He dropped a kiss on my forehead “Try to get some sleep honey” he turned off the light over my head and went and sat next to Angela pulling her into him, I turned in the seat and looked out of the window again, I sighed and picked my phone from my purse. I’d gotten a message from Chad.


*New Message*Chad*I never meant to hurt you… sweetheart come home please I love you*6.21am*


I dropped it back into my bag and closed my eyes letting the engine of the plane lull me into a fitful sleep……………..

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