Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 69 (v.1) - Can't hold back

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



…………… “I didn’t know if you’d come back” He let out a huge sigh his hands rubbing absently on the counter “Damn it Chris, Why didn’t you call me?”


“Did you listen to the message she left” My voice was calm and steady I couldn’t make my hands let go of the chair or the cup


“I listened to it and she was trying to get a rise out of me with it”


“Nice choice of words” I bit a little “Why didn’t you change the number for the studio when you changed your cell and the house numbers?’


“Because it’s a business and a lot of people have that number” He hung his head “How often am I in there to answer it its staffed when we’re not using it… She has the number and there’s nothing I can do about it”


“Bullshit” I fought not to yell it at him “Block her number at least, Change the fucking thing it’s not like you can’t let clients know it’s change… You know you knew she could get a hold of you if she wanted or you hoped” My hands itched to toss the cup at him “Was I the rebound girl? Have you realized I’m a hot mess inside that knows how to put on a show face? Or have you thought more about the kid situation you all treat me like I’m a basket case round kids and I’m not… I have a little sister, I can spend the day with Ryan’s little kids and I’m fine… I know I can’t have a baby… I know I’ll never carry a baby for nine months and go through labor and hold that baby that’s part of me and a part of you and it’s killed me since the day Arron took the life of our baby” the anger in my voice caused me to push back the tears “If you want someone else I’ll fight for you, but if I don’t’ stand a chance in hell of keeping you tell me straight It’s killing me knowing she is back in your life. She was with you for six years and from all accounts she was a bitch and if a bitch is what you want then I’m not that I don’t’ want anything from you other them love… I couldn’t give a damn about money, houses the cars… I opened up and told you everything you know it all and then some, I fell in love with you without realizing it and I never doubted my decision to marry you, it was the right thing to do, you made me safe, I trusted you” I couldn’t stop the words pouring out “Was I wrong to do it? Am I supposed to just continually roll over and get stamped on… between My family and the idiots I’ve dated I should change my fucking name to door mat” his eyes didn’t leave  mine “I try Chad I try to be a wife and balance the tiny amount of free time we get with the whole Rock Life I thought I was succeeding but I couldn’t be… You make me feel like I was the sexiest girl on the planet because I know damn well there is no one that comes close to how you make me feel” He took a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair “I know the history the girls, the strippers and I don’t give a damn about them, it’s what you did” He rubbed the back of his neck “It’s her… It’s something about her that” I balled my fists on the counter and closed my eyes, trying to control my breathing “I remember a flight we were on, I asked you about Mari… her” saying her name felt like it was choking me


“I remember” he murmured


“You told me that people will only ever hurt you once and you’ll never let them in again to do it a second time” I looked up at him “Was that a lie…? Because it seems like she’s pushing her way back into your life and maybe your bed”…..


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