Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - HOME

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



..............  We finally landed in The Czech Republic and were hurried through Immigration and customs by the police Page was holding tight to Kerion.


“Need a hand” A voice called over the noise of the airport


“Oh Thank god for that next time you take this lot” Danny Laughed as he shook hands with Corey


“Lukas sent me to help y’all out” He beamed


“Don’t tell us we have some interview or photo shoot or something” Pete yawned


“Nope nothing till later” Corey shook his head “but the hotel is well sort of under siege with fans so the more security you have the better it is”


‘Welcome to our world” Alfie laughed nudging Page, the driver opened the door Danny and Corey either side of it as we got in. Corey’s phone rang as the door was closed and the driver pulled away from the airport.


“No I got them… you said the hotel… oh you let me break that news to them gee thanks… okay” he hung up “So you guys up to hitting the venue”


“He’s an ass and I think he’s trying to kill us” Alfie groaned


“Why the venue?” I looked at Corey


“I have no idea I’m just the guy told to get you from A to B” Corey shook his head “Take it up with your management”


“Yeah Chris you have the ear and well rest of the body of one of them” Kerion grinned


“Hey Lukas is the tour manager Chad and the others handled the music parts we need to talk to Lukas” I shook my head “I hope he’s not want a sound check my throat’s not warmed up”


“You’re not getting sick are you?” Pete looked at me


“I hope not” I shrugged “I could do with a good night’s sleep as well” I rubbed my neck


“Oh like you’re going to get that now you and Chad are back within touching distance, hell you make the wild Monkey sex these two had sound like crickets chirping” Alfie scoffed  pointing to Kerion and Page. I felt my jaw go slack and my cheeks go red as the car pulled in next to a bunch of trucks and tour buses.


“I’m going to ignore that” I grinned as the door was opened for us to get out


“you guys fighting already?’ Lukas smiled as I got out


“No, not yet and seriously do you want to drive us all to kill you” I poked hjim in the chest as the others got out




“The interview we had to go in blind with” Pete put his hands on his hips “Don’t’ you dare moan if we’ve said something we shouldn’t”


‘I know” Lukas held up his hands “but one thing why were their only three of you in the interview NeverWest if the four of you”


“Hey you knew the reason we were all in North Carolina and it was for Kerion to met Page, not to do press shit so we covered for him to spend time with her” I frowned “No big deal the reporter was fine and we were charming as ever” Lukas looked at Kerion and then back to the rest of us


‘Okay I’m sorry” he held up his hands


‘What?” Pete smirked “Was that and apology from Lukas” He feigned shock


‘Okay smart ass” Lukas shook his head “get inside and we need a sound check from you guys in about 30 minutes”. I pulled a face “What?”


I need some tea or something my throat’s a little sore” he raised an eye brow “I’ll be fine I just need a hot drink and to warm it up properly... not all of us are like Chad and can just belt it out”


I walked up the ramp and backstage the thud of bass reverberated off of the walls surrounding us as the sound of Burn it to the ground came from the stage, I felt the tingle up my spine at the pure energy in the air that made all the stress and lack of sleep and jet lag all more than worthwhile, I Looked round at the guys all three of them with the same smile on their faces. We were home. Kerion looked at Page and smiled


“You want to see what we do?” She grinned at him and nodded


“Hey Lukas make yourself useful and get Chris a tea” Alfie Patted him on the shoulder as I grabbed Page’s hand and pulled her with me toward the stage. Lukas smiled and nodded. I stopped and watched as the song changed from burn it to the ground to a new one they’d been working on called Lullaby, I felt the goose bumps rise on my arms as I watched Chad sing.


“Here you go” Lukas handed me a drink over my shoulder “Sounding good isn’t it” I just nodded . Page was looking wide eyed at Nickelback doing their thing without noticing us”


“Hey Guys we missed you” One of the sound engineers walked over.


“Can I get my Mic” I looked at him


“Sure” he beamed He dug into a box that was behind Pete and pulled out my mic and ear pieces and held them out to me. “You going to screw with Joe”


Hell yeah” I finished my tea and pushed in my ear pieces


“Watch the voice” Alfie hip checked me “and get them off the stage I want to go out there and play”


“I’ll do my best” I smiled stepping out at the back of the stage as they got to the end of the song. “No is a dirty word, never gonna say it first, No is just the thought that never crosses my mind” I smiled as Chad turned round on the spot fast enough to get whip lash, He lent on his mic stand and smiled at me as the guys started to laugh “Maybe in the parking lot, better bring your friend along, better altogether than just one at a time”. I walked across and stopped right in front of him.


“Start sing that and we might get into trouble” he licked his lips


“I like that sort of trouble” I tossed my Mic to Dan and put my arms round Chad’s neck “I missed you” His mouth consumed mine in less than a heart beat his hands in my hair showing me how much he’d missed me…………..

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