Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 72 (v.1) - Together for now

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



……………  My hands gripped onto his t-shirt as he kissed me, his hands gently holding my face as the kiss deepened his body molded against mine.


“I’m sorry” I murmured “I’m sorry for not calling you” I put my head against his chest “I have a mean assed temper”


“Yes you do but I love you for it, for standing up to me” he chuckled I felt the vibration through his chest he pulled me back from him “We need to start this marriage over from now on” he brushed back a piece of hair from my face he lifted my hand and looked at my ring finger the diamond was still turned to the inside of my hand. “I thought you’d of taken this off with how pissed you were” I shook my head


“I’m married to you, my ring doesn’t come off for photo shoots with another guy it’s not going to come off because we had a fight, People can say what they want but this ring was put on there by you and that’s where it’s staying” I shrugged


“Can I turn it round?” He rubbed his thumb over the platinum band, “Unless you don’t really like the ring?” he chewed his lip.


“Are you kidding me…Out of everything I own it’s my prized possession, it the thing that means the most to me” He held my hand like it was glass and twisted the ring round so the diamond was back on full show, it caught the sunlight coming through the window,


“It still needs a wedding band with it and I need a new one”


“I know and we’ll get them, if you still want the wedding” I looked up at him


“I wish we had another week off” he smiled “We could take a few days at the hotel we’re having it… maybe have a trial of our wedding night” I put my head back against his chest He pressed his lips to the top of my head. “Mrs. Kroeger would you like to go for dinner with your husband tonight?”


“I’d like to stay in and make dinner with my husband tonight, I don’t need to see any more photographers right now, I want it to be just the two of us… no one else around” I looked back at him my hands flat on his chest, he took a deep breath “we need to make the most of it”


“Well how about we go get some food come home and cook and then curl up with each other” I nodded


“I need to go get changed first”


“You want some help?” he chuckled


“No because we’ll not leave our room” I stepped back from him “I think you and I also need to thank a few people”


“I’ll call Dan and Ryan and…”


“Let me call Mike and Kellan” I interrupted he just nodded and reached for his cell phone, I went up to our room and changed in to jeans and a tank and a pair of my favorite shoes that put me almost to the same height as Chad, a bit much for maybe grocery shopping but what the hell I needed to feel good and needed to be able to look better than sweats and sneakers. I walked back down the stairs and leant on the wall as Chad was leaning on the counter talking on the phone…


“Hell no I just got her back… Seriously no… end of fucking story… Lukas NO” He rubbed the back of his neck “It’s me and Chris tonight no phone call, no interviews, no one here it’s just me and her… You know what I don’t give a flying fuck right now I said no I will not answer the gate if anyone comes… he pulled the phone from his ear and looked at the screen before putting it back to his ear “I got another call the answer is no and after I’ve spoken to Dan I’m turning it off… Bye Lukas” he moved his phone away and hit the screen “Hey Dan… We’re good… we talked and we cried and well I’m a dumb fuck I know… Oh shut up… Are you kidding me… you and Mike? Well I don’t know… it kinda sucks if you do… oh bull… I guess I could… you’ll have to ask her… Okay I’m out for the night… will do” He hung up his phone.


“Lukas?” he looked round at me


“Yeah he wanted me to do some press shit tonight and I told him no” he pushed his phone into his pocket “Oh Dan wants to talk to you as well at some point” I frowned at him “I’m going to let him explain” He walked over to me “Can we just call out for a delivery” he put his hands on my hips “You look beat and hot as hell you know those are the shorts you…” my cell started to ring


“Call for food and go start the shower” I touched the side of his face. “I love you” He grinned like a kid on Christmas morning and sprinted for the stairs to our room as I kicked off my shoes and took my phone from  the counter.


Me * I think my husband told you no

Lukas * you ned to talk some sense into him because of all of these rumors going round and with you hooking up with that Lutz guy

Me * are you freaking kidding me, I was with Kellan for a damn reason so don’t come this bull shit with me

Lukas * Whatever Chris but Chad needs to do some damage control… I can’t keep doing it


Okay the idiot did have a pioint


Me * Like what?

Lukas * I’ve got an interview set up fro him tomorrow evening at the house so he doesn’t have to go anywhere but you and NeverWest do have a Radio and TV interview in Miami mid afternoon the day after tomorrow the car will pick you up at 2 tomorrow to take you to the airport.

Me * you have to be kidding no way

Lukas * are you throwing away your career and the rest of your bands


I groaned and hung my head


Lukas * I’m sure as soon as Chad’s done he’ll follow you down there

Me * I swear to go this is the last thing you touch that has anything to do with pulling me away from him at anypoint… If I didn’t know better id say you were jealous and wanted to cause trouble

Lukas * Tell him the reporter will be there around 5


He hung up the phone


“HEY Sweetheart food will be…” Chad walked into me “Okay what’s wrong”


“Lukas” I looked at him “You have a 5pm interview tomorrow and I leave for Miami at 2” Chad sucked in a breath the nerve in his cheek twitching


“He’ pissing me right off” Chad hissed I put my hand in his


“Look this is the last time anything else he arranges outside of the tour venues we do not do I’m doe with being away from you” I kissed him “Forget him right now and what were you saying earlier about practicing for our honey moon………….


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