Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 73 (v.1) - Long night apart

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



…………… “Chris the cars here” Chad walked into the living room as I straightened some of the mess we’d made the night before using each other a plates. I sighed and walked over to him and hugged him

“Promise me you’ll get a flight in the morning” He put his arm round my shoulders

“All ready sorted” he nodded as we walked out of the house “I feel like blowing off this damn interview tonight” He stopped me as the driver got out and opened the door

“I don’t get why I have to go today I mean I understand meeting back up with Alfie and the others and damn they need and explanation with some of the shit that’s happened and the reports that went out” I looped my thumbs through his belt loops.

“You’re right” he held my face in his hand “I love you Mrs. Kroeger”

“I love you too” He brought his lips to meet mine in a kiss that made me want to take him back inside and break furniture again. He pulled back

“I’ll see you tomorrow Sweetheart…” he let go of me as I went over to the open car door “Hey” I looked back at him “Do not go anywhere without Danny”

“I won’t” I smiled at him and blew him a kiss” I slid into the seat.

“Wisconsin without me!” Danny Sighed making me Jump “Chris the reason you have security is for that reason”

“You flew in to get me?” I laughed

“Chad brought me in” he nodded “So you’ve been having a damn mad time?” He cocked his head at me, it was like having a big brother giving you the third degree……………..

……….......... Chad walked to answer the front door this was not what he felt like doing right now after all the drama All he wanted was to be with me in Miami but this interview was a away to fend off the crap that was being written, All the guy shad come round as they were leaving early the next morning and a night watching hockey that had been watched a million times already was their way of passing time. Now that Chad had gotten back on to the right track with me and we were fending off all the bad press between us.

Chad put his hand on the door handle and took a deep breath knocked back the whiskey in his hand and pulled the door open with his game face on. A Petite Blonde was standing smiling broadly at him.

"Wow" She sighed seeming to straighten herself a little more and move so her boobs strained against her shirt "Now I see why?" She ran her tongue over her lips her eyes taking him in.

"Excuse me?" Chad frowned at her

"Sorry" She held up her hands and blushed "I was thinking out loud... and you’ve been the one person other than Alfie from NeverWest that I’ve been dying to interview" She held out her hand "Jill Austin I’m With Rock Life we have an interview set"

"I know" Chad shook her hand "Come in” He stepped back and waited until she’d walked in before he closed the door. “If you hear strange noises the guys are in the living room watching the game, we can go in here” He opened the office door and walked to the desk and sat down.

“You have an amazing home” Jill beamed looking round her as she shrugged out of her jacket and putting it over the arm of the couch that was against one wall.

“Thank you” he nodded. He watched as she took a laptop from the case she had and set it on the desk. Her long fingers tapped on a few keys, the sound of her nails irritated him, if he couldn’t be with me he wanted just to kick back with the guys.

“Nice thing with this you talk and it automatically gets typed up” She seemed to bend over the desk more than really necessary and it bugged the crap out of him. “So where’s your wife?” She sat down and checked the laptop yet again

“She’s doing something in Miami with Her band I’m heading down there first thing in the morning. We have a show there in two days so tonight it’s boys night in” Chad sat back in the chair and tried to will Mike to bring him a beer but the game was on and it was one of those once in a season type of annihilation games so little chance of tearing any of them away from the screen…

“Okay well get started” He took a deep breath and looked at her, She did that lip licking deal as she eyed him… Damn two years ago she’d have been on the couch her legs round his neck even if Mari was down stairs now he didn’t give a damn and wanted her to get the damn thing done with and her gone so he could go back to the people that gave a shit about him and Me, fuck the rest. Jill hit a couple of keys on the laptop again it let out a chiming noise making her smile as she sat back and crossed her legs making the skirt ride up her thighs “Jill Austin Interview with Nickelback front man and all round hot guy Chad Kroeger.” She giggled, Chad tried not to roll his eyes and just go with it.

“Well Thank you it’s always nice to hear someone other than my wife thinks I’m hot” He chuckled, he’d had enough practice to act his way through these making sure the reporter thought they were the shit. She beamed and pushed her breasts out further arching her back

“You’ve joked on stage about going to the strip club between shows. Is that something you will still do when you are married? Chris ok with it?

“Okay for one I am married and yes but now I go with my wife and you really need to ask her about the $1000 the red heels and the dessert tray oh and the pole in our bedroom” he wiggled his eye brows “damn” he took a deep breath and saw the slight look of annoyance on Jill’s face.

“Do you feel being in a serious relationship with another rock star is different from previous ones?” She cocked her head

“Oh Way different, they understand the mood swings the exhaustion, living out of cases and just the whole tour thing” He shrugged “Unlike some of the whining and bitching I’ve dealt with in the past about not showing the right amount attention after you've busted ass on stage for two hours after a day of interviews and publicity” First dig in to Marianne he smiled inwardly “I’m glad I’ve got the girl I have”

“Are you and Kellan Lutz really friends and do you guys talk about Chris when she's not there?” Oh and there you go he’d been waiting for this question Damn she was trying to blindside him.

“NO I can’t stand him...” He kept a poker face and saw the twinkle in her eye as she looked up quickly “I know that's what everyone wants to hear me say but I’m not going to. Kellan's a really cool guy. I find it funny when you see the stuff in the press about Kellan and Chris hooking up because what they fail to note is I was with them for every shoot apart from one and that was the one when she told him we’d got married” He lent on the desk “At the last shoot where Chris was just about butt assed naked with him” He took a deep breath “Both of them were unsure about doing it neither of them were truly comfortable with it and they came and we talked about it. I told them to go for it” He broke out into a huge smile “Come on I’m glad I did I’ve seen the finished pictures and the commercial and they’re amazing. The worst thing is some people want to twist shit... so not cool....” He sat back “We do call each other to talk and yes to begin with when he and Chris first hooked up we all gave them so much crap but he's turned into her big brother, he really has. He watches out for her and he loves her and I think I’d be more bothered if the guy she was doing with shoots with was a stranger” He was being as honest as he could right now and he hoped that she’d keep the interview as true as he was giving it.

“But the last shoot Chris had no panties on in one shot and no bra on in another and they were pretty hot pictures and the commercial was steamy?” she narrowed her eyes at him

“Yes they were, but like I said Kellan and Chris questioned them and wouldn’t' do them until they had spoken to me about it, I told them to go for it...” He was sure he’d just answered this question but hell he was going to get his point over if it killed him “She never takes off her ring doesn't matter how much someone asked her too so it is always in shot and come on he's seen her naked more than once, I know that… I’m over that and everyone else needs to get over it as well Kellan’s a good guy and I will defend him” Chad’s tone had a bite to it

“Okay then” Jill smiled a sugary sweet grin “If you had to name the biggest flaw about Chris what would it be and what’s been the biggest fight you’ve had to date?” Wow she bounced around with her questions.

“Her choice of car is questionable” Chad smiled nodding “Yes she has a McLaren and she gives me shit all the time about her car being better than mine… I’m kidding Honey please don’t kill me…” He added with a laugh “I can’t say she doesn’t have flaws don’t get me wrong none of us are perfect and how she deals with me is still beyond my comprehension and that of everyone that knows me, you only have to ask my brother, but Chris is the way she is and that’s who she is and it’s why I fell in love with her…..but seriously we have recently had a fight that was rough as hell for a while… My wonderful ex stirred the pot and planted stuff that sounded so wrong when Chris heard it…. And with the lies in the press I mean using pictures for three years ago, Chris isn’t stupid she knows the truth” In for the kill with Marianne now and she could sue his ass if she wanted because she’d never win

“How is being married different from when you were dating? Why tie the knot?” She blew right into the next question she really didn’t like him defending me

“Well she’s Mrs. Kroeger now and she has a rock on her finger that would sink an aircraft carrier” He grinned “and it was the right thing to do, it felt right in that moment what the hell was the point in waiting there was a lot of things happening that made me want to be there for Chris more than I’ve ever wanted to be there for anyone else and I’ve never wanted to be with someone twenty four seven like I am Chris… I never wanted to marry before but you get pushed into acting and doing certain things but I dodged a bullet before with my ex” He was going to show her he wasn’t’ going to take her shit lying down if Marianne wanted to fight then he was going to fight

“Any advice for new couples? She pulled the clip from her hair and shook it down, it took everything he had not to laugh.

“Yeah get a comfortable couch just in case and never go to bed pissed with each other … oh don't be afraid to show them how you feel in front of other people… hell I do it on stage in front of a full house” He smiled at the memory of snuggling on the couch in the recording studio with me.

“So what does Chris think about your singing voice?” Chad snapped back to the here and now and licked his lips in the way he knew I liked he did it absently and without a second thought.

“To be honest I don't know… but I do know I can make her cry by singing and if can make her turn in to one hor... no I'd better not say that...” He caught himself “I know we've done a duet together and it was some of the most intense and emotional and hot moments we've had between us” He shifted in the chair as images of the red hot sex we’d had right after we’d sung together hit the front of his brain like a mallet.

“How do you deal with all the women throwing themselves at you at concerts ?

“Do they...” He chuckled “Hmm to be honest we still collect the bras sign them and auction them. don't tell my wife but I have two of hers on the website right now signed by Nickelback and yes My band gives me shit about handling Chris’s bras they were a little freaked out when I put them on their heads until I told them they were brand new and yes my wife’s breast are the same size as the heads of the guys in Nickelback…” He laughed “And I’m going to be in so much trouble for that”

“Which has been thrown on stages more bras or thongs? Any preference?

“I prefer commando makes the night so much more fun” he chuckled “but as for the fans go hell as long as they're clean the thongs make us laugh and hell they make some fine sling shots for water balloons, but we must average 10 to 15 bras a show on the stage”

“What is the sexiest thing you have seen in the audience while on stage?”

“Well that list could go on for a while between the breasts being flashed, hot girls making out with each other and a certain girl at a show in Wisconsin in a cowboy hat once doing something impressive with her mouth and a banana... but I ended up marrying that girl and we have footage of it as well one of the video guys found it out after he’d over heard Chris and her best friend laughing about it”

“What age did you lose virginity?” well she was obviously getting annoyed with him keep mentioning Chris because she was banging through the questions now

‘I was 16 and she was 24 I wanted to put some effort in and told her I could do this all night oh she thought she was going to be in for something special... but I think at least now I've honed my skills but you'll have to ask Chris” he pushed his tongue in his cheek and saw Jill tense her jaw, He was making damn sure she knew he wasn’t falling for her flirting

“How did you think up next go round? Any inspiration for songs?

“Well we all have one of those nights where you just don't want to let your other half get the upper hand and the good times will roll all night and yes I’ve had the cops called and a lot of hassle from two bands for being a little too noisy in a bathroom on a flight from Spain to Germany...” He rubbed his hand over his face “Inspiration Hmmm… personal experience like Shaking hands is down to realizing that certain people only wanted us for what we could give them and they are still after the same shit now and there’s are a lot of tracks on the new album we’re working on that are down to the last year or so and the people in and out of our lives”

“We all knew you are Marianne were engaged what happened? Who’s at fault was the break up?” Damn where the hell did this one come from, he took a breath and rested his arms on the desk in front of him well in for a penny and all that.

“I got home from a six week stint in Asia and she was gone the cat was gone and her things were gone. I had a six pack of beer and something green and furry in the refrigerator...” He pulled a face “It was down to me not wanting to commit to a wedding date that finally did it but I wasn't happy for a long time in fact I hadn’t loved her for a while and I don't think she was unless she was getting the attention from people for being on my arm, being the fiancé of a rock star carries some weight when you turn up to a club or a restaurant or run up tabs in stores” He pulled no punches

“Would you go back to her?” Okay if this girl had been a guy he’d have been picking his teeth up off the floor by now

“Do you not see the band on my finger?’ He held up his left hand and pointed to the ring we were using for his wedding band “No way in hell… There's been way to much mudslinging from her and she’s actually confronted Chris a few times and that was a really stupid thing to do, Chris can stand up for herself but she also has a lot of friends that have her back, her best friend who I adore by the way” He added “Works for us on tor and still can't get over the fact Chris is with me and gets she star struck round all of Nickelback, but Damn Miranda will chew me out at the drop of a hat if I say anything I shouldn't and she's spitting feathers for some of the things Marianne has said to Chris” Chad looked up as Corey walked past the door, Finally life from the other room he wanted this done and over with ASAP “Hey Corey what’s Mir like when she pissed?”

“She’s five foot two of sheer dynamite I back the hell off” he leant on the door His beer hanging loose in his fingers

“See we have former Marine Corps body guards and they stay out of her way when she goes off” Chad laughed as Corey’s phone rang Chad looked at him

“Danny” Corey nodded to him and pushed off the door frame and walked away

“Do you still have anything in the house that was Marianne’s?

“Unfortunately We do. I brought the house with Marianne and she helped pick out a lot of the furniture but Chris and I have changed the bed that was a must apart from the fact we broke it” He got his naughty boy grin back “But Chris is very grounded and down to earth and is adding her touches to the place so it will soon be how the two of us want it, but and I think Chris will make me sleep on the couch for this, I do love the pool table I have that I got for a birthday gift from Mari one year and I don't' want to get rid of it at the end of the day it’s just a really neat pool table I don’t think of where it was from when I’m shooting pool and winning on it and having fun with Chris on it.” He laughed Sorey came back to the door

“Sorry to interrupt… Chad you’ve got a call you have to take”

“Oh Well I think we’re all done here anyway” Jill got a little flustered. Chad got quickly to his feet

“Well Corey will see you out” He smiled “Have a good night” He didn’t even wait to shake her hand he just wanted to get out and he took the outstretched phone from Corey as he walked by. “Hey Sweetheart… Damn I miss you” He sighed

“Well Mike called me to make sure to get you out of the interview” I laughed “I love you”…………..


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