Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 74 (v.1) - NeverWest talk

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



………… My door knocked I put the phone down and walked over to it and pulled it open


“You ready to hit the town?” Kerion Lent on the door frame


“You mean am I ready to go to dinner with you guys and then come back and go to bed then yes” I walked back into the room “Is Page coming back soon?”


“Yep… I want to talk to you and the others over dinner”


“Okay sounds ominous?” I frowned at him He took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his neck, I picked up my purse.


“Might be” he took a deep breath “You sure you and Chad are okay now?” I cocked my head and looked at him


“We’re all good I promise could be better if Lukas hadn’t set up the interview for us and set on up for Chad”


“He’s really messing with the two of you” I linked his arm and the door clicked closed behind us “I think he’s jealous… I swear to god he wants to go broke back mountain on your husband” I stopped walking and looked at him


“Will you stop saying that” I shuddered “it’s ICKY”


“Oh so you want him to be jealous because he wants’ to have you warming his bed” Kerion took off running for the stairs


“Oh you keep running” I laughed after him “I’m calling your Marine” I hit the call button on the elevator. I got in and rode down the guys were all in the lobby waiting. Kerion was laughing and joking with them “You’re an ass” I pointed at him


“You love me really” Kerion hugged me


“You guys ready to go” Danny walked over to us “Car’s waiting”


“We’re ready” Alfie nodded. We all walked out and got into the waiting car. “Hey you told Xander we were here already”


“Hell No he’s not in my good books right now” they all looked at me


“He’s not been talking to the press has he?”


“No… he and Jackson haven’t even told anyone they know us” I shook my head “have any of you spoken to Mir in the past week?”


“No… well I know Heidi has” Alfie shook his head


“I tried to call her to ask about getting some new shirts” Pete shrugged “but all I was getting was her voice mail I just thought she was down here holed up in Xander’s dorm room”


“Oh he’s been holed up” I nodded “with other girls”


“No” Pete was wide eyed


“After you reamed him out and flew him to Brazil when he couldn’t’ handle how successful  Mir was he cheated on her”


‘Oh yeah” I nodded we pulled up outside the restaurant and got out and were shown to a huge high sided booth. Danny sitting on the side facing the door his eyes watching the people coming in and out and the press that seemed to be gathering outside.


“So is Mir okay?” Kerion frowned


“Yeah she had broken up with him and not told any of us and then I found out she’d gotten help getting over it” I smiled as the grinning waiter took our order.


“Oh come on she’s already back in the saddle so to speak” Alfie laughed


“Back in the saddle and ridding hard from what I’ve heard” I laughed stirring my drink with the straw


“You know more” Pete pointed at me “OMG she’s not Dan’s newest one the side deal is she?”


“Ew no and he’s home so there is no other girl that can come close to Tre” I shook my head


“So will you come on and tell us already so we can give her crap” Kerion smirked


“Okay who would she like to bang like a screen door in a hurricane” I sat back as they all looked at each other


“You kidding she broke the code” Danny choked on his drink


“Okay first I’m married I think the code went out the window as soon as  Chad put the ring on me” I sat forward “and like I said to her I’d much rather she was knocking boots with Kellan than Dimi”


“Okay you have a point… and you’re good with it?” Danny looked at me


“Why wouldn’t I be good with it… Hey Kellan’s a really good guy and Miranda deserves some to treat her right after my cousin screwed her over royally” I rested my arms on the table


“Oh so please tell us we can give them seven tons of crap” Kerion grinned


“Already doing it” Alfie laughed as he hit send on the message he’d typed


“So we’ve seen the commercial you ad Kellan Shot” Pete smiled “What was Chad doing when it was happening?”


“Watching” I shrugged as our food was put down on the table in front of us


“He was fine with it?” Kerion pulled a face


“Kellan and I asked him if he was okay with it” I nodded “He took some pictures and well it sort of…”


“OH My GOD this is when the two of you broke the piano isn’t it?” Alfie stopped his fork half way to his mouth “Wow you two are…”


“Over sexed” Danny chuckled shaking his head.


“Okay let’s leave the me and Chad down and dirty talk and I thought you wanted to talk to us” I pointed my fork at Kerion


“I do” He chewed his bottom lip. “Page is coming out of the Marine Corps” he looked round at us “She’s done her four years and she’s leaving”


‘Is she sure” Danny frowned “I mean she’s a nurse and a damn good one if she’s a Marine Corps nurse”


“She’s sure” he nodded “She’s… We’re… Well…” He put his head in his hands “Damn it I love her so much, I fell for her hard guys?” I rubbed his back “and she loves me”


“Well that’s a good thing right?” Pete chewed his lip “I mean we’ve each got what we think is the one… just Chris ran down the aisle before the rest of us” he looked at em and smiled


“Well that makes two of us then” He swallowed hard


“What?” I stopped rubbing


“We got married last week” he blurted out, Alfie dropped his fork “In front of a Chaplin on the Marine base…”


“Are you kidding?” Pete smiled “DUDE”


“You’re not mad with how fast it happened and the fact you guys weren’t there?” Kerion blinked a few times in disbelief


“How can we be mad when Chris did the same thing” Alfie smiled “We’ll back you all the way the same way we’ve backed Chad and Chris’s decision”


“You happy?” I tipped my head and smiled at him


“So happy” he nodded the smile spreading across his face


‘Then so are we” I wrapped my arms round his and hugged him and kissed his cheek “She joining us on tour?”


“She will she’s got 3 weeks left before she can leave” he took a deep breath “But if you guys are okay with her coming along”


“More than happy for her to come along” I nodded


“There’s something else” He looked at me “We’re going to have a baby as well….”…………

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