Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 75 (v.1) - Filler

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



………… I walked into my room and closed the door, I walked into the bathroom and started to fill the tub before going out and taking off my clothes. I reached into m y purse and pulled out my phone and hit redial.


Chad * I was just talking about you

Me * only good things I hope

Mike * Chris we know you inside out girl we already know the bad shit

Me * I guess… hey you’re all there right

Dan * I’m spirit we’ve had a few… er… well there’s two empty cases of beer and a downed whiskey bottle on the table

Me * Oh and he’s me not drinking you guys suck

Chad * you okay?

Me * yeah its nice getting back with the guys and finding out a lot of things have happened in the past few weeks

Chad * like what

Me * Oh that none of them knew about Mir and Kellan… oh and that Kerion went and married Page

Ryan * What?

Chad * did you say he’s married

Dan * he pulled a Chad and Chris

Me * yes he did but he’s gone to the next level as well

Chad * he’s not leaving the band is he?


The panic was filling his voice


Me * No NeverWest is still together don’t’ worry about that, he’s seen you guys juggle marriage and well family and deal with it

Chad * family?

Me * yup they’re expecting a baby

Dan * Fuck

Ryan * we’ll he doesn’t hang round does he

Miek * did you guys not have health class in school?

Chad * Dude

Mike * what come one we learnt how to have safe sex with the aid of a condom and a banana

Me * wow  now we know why mike slopes off to the bathroom with a fruit basket

Mike * Bite me honey

Me * No I’ll let Angela do that she’s had the shot … Chad?

Chad * yes Sweetheart

Me * you mean all the time with the bananas and it was unprotected I might have some Fruity version of an STD

Ryan * okay still not had enough booze for this conversation… Night Chris

Dan * Wait up I’m not listening in on these two having phone sex

Mike * Chad take it to your room I watching the end of the game


I heard laughing and shouts in the back ground as Chad got up and walked out of the room


Chad * you’re not on speaker now Babe

Me * I miss you… I’m in a bath tub and it feels empty without you in it as well


I heard a rustle


Me * your on the bed aren’t’ you

Chad * yep and thinking of you lying in the tub

Me * what time will you be here tomorrow?

Chad * around noon… you coming too the airport?

Me * I can’t we have an interview to do at eleven

Chad * have you seen Lukas

Me * Briefly he was talking to some guy in reception when we got here Alfie went and spoke to him but I walked away… he’s pissing me off I don’t even want to talk to him right now

Chad * I know I’m trying to get the lawyers to sort something out so we can get him off the tour

Me * forget him for now, what was it that Ryan said about phone sex……………..





………………. Danny sat on the sun lounger his eyes on the people on the beach as I lay in the sun


“You’ve got about an hour of baking out here” he looked at me


“Danny will you relax you’re drawing attention sitting there like a damn prairie dog on sentry duty” I sighed “I’ve not had a single person come up to me, it’s amazing what going outside with no makeup and minus heels does” I laughed


“Relax seriously Christine” he pinched the bridge of his nose “Watching you and watching out for you doesn’t let you relax that’s’ why I get the big bucks” He chuckled


“You still like the job” I turned on my side and looked at him


“No I love it so does Corey” he nodded “We get paid to travel the world with Two rock bands that have become like family to us and we get to do what me do best” he flexed his muscles


“You’re a dork” I rolled back on to my back


“That’s not a nice thing to call him” Miranda called out I jumped up and looked round as she walked down the steps from the hotel onto the beach “You’re not going to beat me or anything are you”


“Hell no and damn are you walking funny” I teased he flushed beet red as Danny started to laugh ad high fived me


‘Fuck the pair of you” She held up a hand as I hugged her “Looking good Mrs. Kroeger” she smiled at me relief coming from both of us her that I was okay with her and Kellan and me that she was okay after it lit her up on the phone. “So what was the garbled message about Kerion and Page, My phone got wet” she chewed her lip and looked down


‘Oh god I’m not going to ask” I shuddered


“Hey blame Kellan he said something about the vibration mode and… well… so what was the message?” she changed the subject I pulled on my cover up and linked her arm


“Remind me not to let you use my phone” Danny chuckled taking my bag from me and walking a few paces behind us as people whispered behind books and hands and tried to work out  if I was who they thought I was……………..

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