Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 76 (v.1) - Girls talk

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Submitted: February 19, 2012



………………… I swiped my card in my lock and pushed open the door

‘I’m going to go shower and change and meet you in the lobby with the other in an hour” Corey looked at his watch I nodded and waited for the door to close.

“SO come on what’s going on with Kerion and Page?” She stopped walking and turned round and looked at me “and are you and me…” She looked down at her hands and picked at her nails

“We’re fine” I walked over to her and hugged her “I shouldn’t have yelled at you and Kellan the way I did” I walked over to the couch and sat down “and I think you need to sit down and listen to this”

“Oh god what’s he done now?’ She dropped her bag on the table and slid into one of the chairs

“He and Page got married” Her mouth fell open “and he didn’t tell any of us and right now he’s skirting the issue of whether he told his Parents”

‘Oh damn” She leant forward “what’s in the water with you guys running away and tying the knot?”

“I know I was wondering that I think we need to add GPS locators under the skin of Alfie and Pete so we know where they are and if we end up in Vegas we need to put out a warning to all the little wedding places” I laughed “But there’s more?”

“More… Oh crap he’s not quitting NeverWest is he?” she looked shocked

“No he’s not…” I smiled “Page is coming with us as soon as her finally three weeks are done in the Marine Corps, she’s leaving it” I added at the blank look Mir gave me “And they’ll be having a baby” Miranda just sat there blinking every once in a while I tipped my head and looked at her, I got up and walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Mir walked to the door of the bathroom.

“He’s… She’s… Wow I thought that he didn’t know how… I mean its Kerion… you know he used to eat worms when he was 5” I smiled at her I forgot her friendships with the guys in my band went back to pre-K

“Well I think you need to give Page the heads up that the ankle biter they’re going to have might have a thing for bugs” I laughed “Hey can you do something for me go find me something to wear for this interview I have, I was being lazy this morning and wanted to go to the beach instead”

‘Sure” She took a deep breath and walked out of the room…..

……… I got out of the shower and dried off and walked out into the bedroom Mir had laid out some things on the bed and was on the balcony on her phone. I pulled on the shorts and the top and walked out to her as I brushed my hair.


“Okay you look like the cat that got the cream” I nudged her “I’m taking that was Kellan on the phone?”

“Yes it was and he said to say hi” She looked at me and chewed her lip before straightening some of the fringe on my top

“So what’s wrong…?”

“I’m nervous?’ She sighed

“About what? I thought you were getting over the Whole ‘OMG my best friend married Chad Kroeger’ and damn girl you managed to exhaust Kellan… Why would you be nervous??”

“Okay way to make me go red” She groaned “and it’s not them… well it is I still get nervous round all of Nickelback and Did I really wear him out?”

“Yes you did” I leant on the rail round the balcony “But stop covering up or do I have to go all Wisconsin on your ass… AGAIN” I poked her in the arm

“Oh hell no you’re scary when you’re pissed” She pulled a face “It’s just…” She sighed “Where are we?”

“On my balcony and I’m trying to dodge going to yet another interview” I shrugged

“City dumb ass” She groaned “And you can’t miss it or Lukas will chew you out and then I’ll have to rip him apart and Damn Kellan has stamina and I’m so damn tired” She linked my arm and we walked to the door of my suite and we headed for the elevator. “We’re in Miami Chris” She looked at me as the bad elevator music played as the doors closed

“I know we are… and you’re scared of Xander coming to the show tomorrow aren’t you?” she nodded

“He’s your cousin and I’m not expecting you to take sides… I mean he’s…” I put my hand over her mouth

“Okay you have a runaway mouth” I grinned “and I don’t’ care if he’s my cousin or not he screwed you over like a fucking pussy assed weasel going behind your back to cheat and in my books that’ ain’t right” She started to laugh “What?”

‘You’re accent comes out when you get mad” She hugged me

“Yeah well you’re working tomorrow night, they’re coming to the show and if he wants to get close to even saying a word to you other than ‘Hello and I see you upgraded to a hot man that won’t cheat with the first skanky assed moose faced trog that falls on her back with her legs at ten and two’…” I took a breath “He’ll regret having me for a cousin” Miranda was laughing like a drain as the doors opened and the guys all looked at us “Oh believe me Mir I have a plan to make sure Xander Sommers and Jackson Williams know they’ve pissed off the wrong rock star” I kissed Mir’s Cheek “go check in and go get some sleep girl I’ll knock on your door when we’re back” She nodded as the other guys hugged and kissed her.

“I guess Chris filled you in?” Kerion smiled at her

“Yes she did and all I can say is congratulations… Daddy and the girl count on this tour is slowly increasing”…………….

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