Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 78 (v.1) - Don't F*** with me

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



………. Chad wrapped his arms round me as the warm breeze from the ocean came in through the open window.


“So how was the interview?” he murmured his fingers slowly stroking my hair


“You don’t want to know it sucked and we were basically attacked and ground in to the dust by the guy and Lukas stood back and did fuck all” I snuggled closer into his chest “So I lit his ass in the car on the way back” I felt him chuckle.


“Well if you hadn’t done that I was getting ready to floor his ass” he pressed his lips to the top of my head “I got another call from Marianne” I felt my heart drop, I eased up on to my elbow and looked at him “I don’t know what she wanted but I now have her number blocked from all of the number associated with us and with Nickelback” he reached his hand up and touched the side of my face “and she  should at some point today be getting a restraining order” I raised my eye brows at him “I’m still trying to get your trust back sweetheart and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make everything right between the two of us”


“I do trust you” I sighed putting my hand over his against my cheek and turned in to press my lips to his wrist “I can see it in your eyes” he sat up and wrapped his arms round me and hugged me to him.


“Have I told you I love you” he kissed me “Damn I love you so much…” the phone in the room started to ring “you want to leave it and take me in the shower”. My cell phone and his both started to ring


‘Er… I think someone is trying to get hold of the two of us”


“And we’re back to the circus” he chuckled he grabbed the phone “WHAT?... okay we’ll be there in about an hour… bullshit you told the others twenty minutes they’d tell you to wait I know that… Sure I’ll tell her” he put the phone back down, he looked at me “We need to sound check and we have a meet and greet and then we get to have the night off”


“I’m good with that as long as you take your wife to dinner and then bring me back her and” I kissed along his jaw


“Screw dinner I’ll eat her” he laughed moving me so I was pinned under him he moved my hair from my face “Would you do it all over again… I mean marry me?”


“You know I would I wouldn’t change how we did it for anything” I put my arms round his neck and brought him down to me and kissed him……………



…………. I walked into Miranda’s wardrobe room as the sounds of Nickelback filtered back to us,


“You get it?” I smirked as she was hanging things on to rails


“The courier brought it while you guys were on stage” she grinned “Chad’s going to have a heart attack you’re going to look like a deadly Hooker”


“Oh jeez nice my best friend calls me a hooker” I walked over to where there was a selection of my boots laid out I picked up the thigh high ones Chad had gotten for me with the rhinestone heels


“No I said you’d look like a hooker not that you were one” She rolled her eyes she pulled out a leather corset “You need to try it on so I alter it if I need to” I pulled off my tank and took off my bra and held up the corset while Mir laced it up.


“You’re shaking?” I looked at her over my shoulder


“I’m not”


“Mir I can feel you shaking as you’re tying”


“Okay I got a call from Xander”


“He called you?”


“Yep” she looked at me “I sent it to voice mail and deleted it” she chewed her lip “Can I just help you get dressed tomorrow and then go back to the hotel?”


“Hell no” I turned round and faced her “You do not let him win do you hear me… whose been warming your bed recently”


“You know” she blushed


“I know I know Kellan Lutz has been warming your bed and way better than Xander ever did am I right?” she nodded “Then hold that image in here” I tapped her head “You have nothing to worry about at all… believe me I’m going to be Queen bitch” I winked at her as the door opened and Mike walked in


“Okay I’m so hoping you’re not wearing that for dinner” he laughed “Mir did those new Shirts come in” she walked away from me and got a shirt from the rail “Nice” he grinned as she handed it to him. He looked at me “are we doing another Fuck the word stage costume?”


“Nope...” I shook my head “Its more of a don’t fuck with me or you will regret it costume” he took a deep breath and nodded


“Please remind me never to piss you off” he stripped off his shirt and put on the new one, the door opened and Chad walked in


‘Oh damn…” he looked me over


‘Gotta love that reaction he hasn’t seen the booty shorts and the boots with it yet” Mir laughed holdingup a pair of black shorts


“Oh I need a shower” he rubbed the back of his neck “a cold one”


“No time” Dan put his head round the door “Meet and greet boys meet and greet”


“Oh does that mean I don’t have to go” I laughed.


“Damn that’s a corset” He scratched his head


“It’s her don’t’ fuck with me apparently” Mike chuckled Alfie walked in


“Oh awesome I need a pin” he walked over to me


“Hell no at alone $4000 you even think of touching that” Mir got in front of me “I’ll set Heidi on you” he stopped “Pins are over there second drawer in the case” she put her hands on her hips “Now if Chris has to meet and greet y’all need to get your asses out so she can get dressed again………….



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