Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 79 (v.1) - Miami HEAT

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



……………….. Meet and greets before shows were always more intense and fun because the people we were meeting were pumped for the night to come. I linked Dan and Alfie’s arms as we walked down the hall. Chad was walking behind us on his phone.

“You going to have time to get hair and makeup done?” Alfie looked at me

“Yeah, they’re ready for me when I go back” I nodded letting go of his arm as Corey held out one of the travel mugs Jackson had sent me steaming with Tea “Thanks Corey” I smiled at him as we.

“Isn’t your cousin coming tonight?” Dan asked as he turned the door handle to the room where the fortunate fans were waiting that had gotten passes.

“Oh yeah” I nodded “I’m going to have fun tonight because he and Jackson haven’t told they’re new college buddies who they know” I let go of his arm and walked into the room after Kerion and Pete, there were cheers and giggles and a lot of leering looks from guys and girls.


“Xander’s over there” Chad murmured patting my ass and dropping a kiss on my shoulder as he moved by me “and a whole bunch of Frat boys” I started to laugh “Be a good girl”

“Always am baby” I called after him. We were working one side of the room while Nickelback were on the other. We got round to where Jackson and Xander were with four of their friends looking like cats that had gotten the cream.

“She’s hotter in the flesh” One of them hissed to Xander he looked at me and then at his friend and shook his head smiling

“Nice cup” Jackson broke out into a huge grin

‘Yeah this lame friend I have sent it” I took the picture his friend was gripping like a vice and turned Xander round to lean on his back and signed it

“He sent her cow slippers that she wears all the time” Mike called over

“Surprised you’ve not got them on now Chris” Chad looked over “So hot with the slippers”

“Bite me Sweetheart” I shook my head

‘Later” he laughed as he turned back to the disgruntled looking Soccer mom in front of his waiting for her left boos to be signed.

“Can we get a picture with you” the guy that had said something to Xander almost ripped over his tongue as he spoke.

“I say we get all of NeverWest not just Chris” Jackson grinned

“Oh right yeah” the guy turned beet red

‘Mark here has pictures of you all over his dorm room” one of the other guys laughed throwing Mark under the bus

“I think most of us do” Jackson laughed I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. We posed for pictures with them my ass getting touched more than once.

“Hey Chris” I looked up as Scott one of the stage managers came through the doors “Miranda said you need to start getting ready” I nodded and heard Xander suck in air and mutter something under his breath and Jackson look any where than at me.

“Okay I have to go get ready so…” I hugged each of them in turn “Enjoy the show I’m sure tonight’s going to hold some special moments” I winked at Xander

“Oh damn you got a wink from her” Mark choked “you might be in there”

“DUDE” Jackson and Xander both looked at him

“She’s more than happily married” Kerion laughed “believe us Chris only likes one guy” he pointed over at Chad who was watching me walk to the door “And he’ll rip anyone apart if they hit on her”…..

…………I was in the wardrobe room getting dressed after hair and makeup had been done, Miranda was primping and making sure I was ready everything was tapped and held in place.

“Bounce” She instructed I groaned and jumped on the balls of my feet “Awesome nothing’s popping out… how’s it feel”

“Heavy” I laughed looking at it, I ran the first few lines of ‘Broken’ the duet I’d done at home with Chad “But I can sing in it so it’s all good” I looked in the full length mirror

‘Damn all you need is a whip and you can moon light in a S&M club” Mir laughed


“And you’d know how?”

“Shut up” She turned red

‘Damn I never knew Kellan was the type to go for the latex and Leather and kinky shit” I teased

‘Oh will you stop” She hung her head

“Oh please don’t’ tell me he is?” I stopped laughing “That would be like catching your parents having sex…” I shuddered

“I’ll call him and tell him” she swatted me as she double checked the fastening on the corset.

‘Call him” I shrugged

“He’s calling me in a while” he looked at me

“See took your mind of Xander didn’t’ I” I hugged her and walked to the door “Oh and you have to watch the show tonight from the side of the stage”

“Why? And if you think you’re going to bring my ass out there on the stage…”

“Do you trust me” I turned the handle on the door

“You know I do”

‘Okay side of the stage Chad and the others are going to be watching as well” I winked at her and closed the dor behind me. I walked to Nickelbacks dressing room and knocked and then walked in

“Naked over here” Ryan yelled

“Yeah right you’ve got jeans on” I groaned “WHAT?” the four of them were sitting looking at me

“Does your husband know you’re dressing like a dominatrix these days?” Dan laughed

“Oh Jeez” Mike hung his head

“Come one get all the jokes out now” I sighed putting my hands on my hips

“No can’t… too… many” Dan gripped his head and dropped to the floor and rolled round “Too many… wise cracks… head going… to explode” I looked at Chad

“You guys give him Pixie sticks again. You know what sugar does to him” I stepped over Dan on the floor and pushed Chad’s bottom jaw up from the goldfish position it was in. “Will you guys make sure Mir is okay tonight while I’m out there” he swallowed hard and managed to tear his eyes from the stage outfit to my face.

“She’ll be okay” he nodded “Damn I need to thank her for…” he whistled and let his eyes wander again

“Mr. Kroeger is your mind always in the bedroom”

Bedroom, Airplane bathroom. On top of a piano, in the recording studio, the hood of your car, the stairs, the steam…” he started to laugh

“Okay we do not need a run down of all the places you two have had sex” Mike got up “Mind you it might help us if we want to sit on an untouched surface anywhere” I kissed Chad and walked back to the door

“Will you guys plaes just look after Mir?’

‘She’ll be fine Chris” Ryan nodded

“Thank you” I walked out and met back with Alfie, Kerion and Pete. Now let the fun begin…………..

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