Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Never rains

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



..............  “Hey whoa get a room” Dan shouted as Chad let me up for air.


“Hell yeah” Chad grinned putting his hands on my hips


“Er… that can wait we need to finish sound checking” Joe called from half way across the floor


‘Hey I haven’t seen my wife in a week” Chad looked over his shoulder and laughed


“And I haven’t seen mine in six” Joe held out his hands


“Fine” Chad groaned “give us five minutes okay?”


‘Okay five” Joe yelled Waving at us and walking away


“Take me five to get naked” I laughed


“Okay you need to stop or I’ll get you naked here and now” Chad handed his guitar to one of the Techs. He kissed my again. “I love you” I snuggled in against him feeling safe in his arms as he pressed his lips against my hair


“I hate having to do stuff apart”


“Me to but needs must Sweetheart” we both started to walk off stage “So you must be Page” he looked at her and tipped his head to the side “What no uniform”


“We’ve done that” Mike smiled “hey you” he put his arms round em and hugged me.


“I can’t believe you pulled it off and she didn’t shoot your damn as for lying to her who you were” Ryan picked up a drink and nudged Kerion.


“I’d already turned in my weapon” Page giggled nervously


“Oh gee thanks” Kerion shook his head


“Have you seen him play” Dan lent on the wall next to her she seemed to stall and shake her head “I taught him all he knows”


‘Bullshit” Kerion shook his head and walked to his bag and pulled out his drumsticks “How about we show you old guys how it’s done”


“Old” Chad held out his arms “Excuse me I’m as old as the woman I feel” he wrapped his arms round me and kissed my neck.


“Okay I’m about to bring back lunch” Corey moaned walking by us


“You missed it and you know it” I laughed as Chad let go of me letting me walk back toward the stage “Damn I love coming home” I turned round on the spot in the spotlight Alfie and Pete took their guitars and Kerion situated himself at Dan’s drums.


“So you’ve never seen them perform” Chad sat on a packing case next to Page


“No… I’ve heard songs but being in a warzone it’s hard” She was wringing her hands Suzanne linked her arm through Pages


“See they don’t’ bite” she whispered as we started with ‘No Apologies’ “watch these” she nodded to the stage.


“So they’ve got here” a voice came from the foot of the steps “Did anyone tell Chris I wanted her?”


“Yes they’re here and no we couldn’t Chad had his tongue to far down her throat to allow her any conscious thoughts” Ryan shook his head as Miranda walked up


“And why are you covered in pink feathers?” Chad wrinkled his nose at her


“Oh that slight accident with a comforter… no don’t ask” she huffed putting her hands ion her hips “But be warned the black shirts you guys live in look like big bird’s gay cousin shit out feathers… and Can’t you leave her alone for two minutes” she swatted Chad


“Hell no” he rubbed his arm “what did you want her for?”


“Er… girl stuff” she chewed her lip


“Okay that has to be wedding stuff or you’ve done something?” Dan poked her in the ribs “Oh who have you said something embarrassing to this time” he teased


“Bite me” she rolled her eyes “and It’s not either of those things” she glanced at Chad as he watched us in the stage “Hey tell her I want her when she comes off okay” she nudged Chad


“Sure” he nodded


“Who was that?” Page looked at Suzanne


“That was Miranda one of Chris’s best friends” Dan butted in “She’s amazing with clothes and is a total fruit basket sometimes”


“And does anyone else get the feeling something’s wrong?” Chad sighed looking round “She’s normally hit the stage and bowl Chris over when she hasn’t seen her for a week”


“You think she’s knocked up” Mike messed with his guitar


“by who?”


‘And you see they gossip like women” Lukas walked over “Guys you have press remember in 30 minutes”


“Can we pull then from the sound check so I can at least talk to Chris” Chad begged


“You have the night off as soon as the interview is done and you don’t have anything until we need to be here at four tomorrow” Lukas smiled “See I’m not all bad”


“Dude you’d better not knock in my door before 3.30” Chad got up from the packing case “I plan on and early night and a late day and to be left drained and exhausted” he crossed the stage as we got to the end of our second song. “I have to go do press” I pouted making him smile “I know but we’re good to go after that… oh and go see Mir something’s bugging the life outta her and she’s not herself”


“Did you guys upset her?” I tapped my foot


“No hell no she give us twice as much crap now I think she’s getting used to us” he kissed me “Love you”


Love you too” I took a deep breath and watched as he walked off the stage


“Hey I know you’re watching my Ass” he called over his shoulder “I’m a married man”


‘I know I’ll have a word with your wife” I laughed “She said you’re easy” he looked at me and winked before walking away with the others as we started doing Love song, I knew it would give him goose bumps hearing it as he went backstage.


“Okay we’re all good” Joe walked to the front of the stage “Chris you sound tight take it easy”


“I will thanks Joe” I smiled at him as I took out my ear pieces and handed them and my mic to the tech. We all walked off the stage.


“So” Kerion put his fingers of the belt loops on Pages jeans and pulled her to him “What do you think”


“I’m blown away” she smiled “this is amazing” she kissed him


“I’m going to see Mir guys”


“Chris grab a drink and try not to talk to much” Lukas was hurrying by “I heard what Joe said about your voice”


“Okay” I nodded heading back down the ramp making my ay passed the dressing rooms to the wardrobe room “Hey honey I’m back” I smiled making a cloud of feathers fly as Miranda jumped “Pink OMG MIR”


“Damn it Chris” she smiled running over and hugging me


“Hey you have some tea in here” she walked over to a coffee pot and poured me some and handed it to me

“You okay?”


“Throats a little tight that’s all… what’s with the feathers? And Chad said something’s wrong?” I sat on the chair and looked at her.


“The feathers are for a stage costume and yes it’s pink” I opened my mouth. “ I got a call two days ago from Dimitri”




“Dimi’s coming here to see you”……………….

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