Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 80 (v.1) - Ass Handed on a platter

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



* I know I siad i was done but had some peice and quiet and managed to get this finsihed i hate letting you guys down*

……………….. I stood at the back of the stage and pushed in my ear pieces as Kerion stood with his arm draped round my shoulders.

“You ready” He smiled at me I nodded “First night back after all the…”

“Okay we’re past that so…”

“Good” I chuckled “Kill em out there girl” He dropped a kiss on my cheek and ran up the steps to the drums. The slow steady thud of the bass sounded as I started up the stairs my pulse racing and my heart in my throat like every time before I stepped out on to the stage.

“I didn’t tell you how damn hot you look tonight” Chad’s hand caught me round the waist and pulled em to him kissing me quickly “You’re in for a long night” He bit his lip as he walked back down the stairs Mir was surrounded by Mike, Dan and Ryan, Looking like she wanted to throw up. I winked at her and stepped out into the spot light.

The feeling of being untouchable hit all of us when we were performing; it was our drug of choice more than the pharmaceutical kind.

“Wait, wait” I looked round as Chad walked out on to the stage the arena noise must have doubled “I have to say this I’m standing back there watching my Wife out here and this one is for all you guys out there”

‘Might be some girls as well” Kerion quipped in

“Good point” Chad Nodded at him “But can you guys give it up for this amazingly hot woman” I looked at him and shook my head as the noise level got even louder “And how Fucking jealous are you she comes home with me”

“Ahh wait that cuts both ways Honey” I put my arm round his waist “Come one Ladies you have to admit I have one sweet assed job working with the men I do” the high pitched roar went up “See I told you” I looked at Chad “But you know this appreciation makes me think of my best friend…” Chad kissed my cheek and headed off stage setting up perfectly the next part of my plan “Well actually she grew up with these guys” I gestured to the guys.

“She’s still a pain in the ass” Pete laughed picking up his drink

“Yes she is but we love our Miranda” I turned to the side of the stage where Mike was rubbing her shoulders “She doesn’t want to come out on stage and I’m not going to make her” She mouthed thank you “But just recently she… got shit on by her lame assed two timing slimy boyfriend” I held up my hands as Alfie looked at Kerion and they started to laugh, the crowd started to boo and yell “Oh Don’t worry I have pictures off this guy for you all to see” I scanned the front of the crowd Xander and Xander were stood open mouthed “Her twin brother is as bad he knew about it” the crowd all booed again I walked backwards back into the middle of the stage “Jason the pictures if you please” the screen at the back of the stage towered over everyone and everything and a Picture of Xander at five dressed in a pair of my Aunt’s heels and a feather Boa “Wow Nice Look” The next picture rolled and it was Xander and Me at about 9 with me sitting on his back after beating his ass, thank god I’d changed a little since then “See beaten by a girl” I commented as other embarrassing pictures of him scrolled, like the bad Christmas sweaters and the dodge class pictures where he had more metal in his mouth than teeth. Pete was doubled over laughing “Okay Jason hold the pictures…” I walked back across the stage “You see when you’re best friends are in a rock band and they get to do this type of thing day in day out. You have the world media and a ton of fans at your disposal” I looked back at Miranda “Oh we have one more picture of this Ass and her Ass of a brother” it flicked to a picture of all of us together from when they visited us I looked right at Xander and Jackson “As you can see I’m in the picture along with the rest of NeverWest, the stunning brunette happens to be Miranda” there was a ton of whistling and cat calls “See would you guys cheat on her” the roar went up “Exactly” I laughed Miranda had her head buried in Chad’s Shirt all the guys were laughing “Oh she’s hiding in my husband’s shirt” I grinned “Hey Jason get a camera back to Mir” Suddenly the imaged changed and there was a shot of Nickelback all round Miranda she looked into the camera and blew a kiss “I have to ask the guy that did this to her… Xander Seriously you’re an idiot” a camera panned to Xander in the crowd “You think I was going to let this go… For being my cousin you of all people should know I don’t let it slide, he hung his head “Ladies and Gentlemen my cousin Xander the ass that dumped my best friend” His friends all got wide eyed and looked at him

“Thanks Chris” he looked at me and shook his head

“You’re welcome” I grinned “Mir I think he got served girl” she gave em the thumbs up “And before I go and do our final song of the night I have to tell you all SHE UPGRADED… Hey you can come out now” I looked to the opposite side of the stage as Kellan walked out, Mir’s face was a picture as Chad and Dan held her up.

“Well Chris that’s one hell of a stage outfit” he kissed my cheek getting a loud scream from the crowd “Oh Shush her husband’s there and I’m dating… what were your words Chris?” He tipped his head and looked at me

“Stunning Brunette” Chad Laughed walking out on stage “I tried to get her to come on and she’s got a death grip on Dan and Ryan right now”

“See I told you guys she’d upgraded “Now both of you off the stage we need to finish up because these guys want a piece of Nickelback” Kellan and Chad both kissed my cheeks and walked off the stage as we started out final song……………

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