Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 81 (v.1) - Keep Rolling

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



………… We walked off the stage Miranda hurled herself at em and hugged me


“You are officially insane, crazy totally scary when in bitch mode and I love you” she giggled “Where the hell did you get the pictures?”


“They’re on my laptop I gave it to Jason to have fun with” I shrugged as Chad walked over to me and kissed me


“Can you bring this outfit back to the hotel tonight?” he nuzzled the side of my neck


“No it’s all sweaty” I laughed “I have something similar but less leather and pins” I caught his bottom lip in my teeth.


“Oh do you ever stop” Kerion groaned “Makes me want my wife here”


‘She will be in a few weeks” Chad looked at him “Feels good doesn’t it being married?”


“Hell yeah” Kerion nodded


“Hey Wisconsin” we all looked round as Danny and Corey brought back Xander and Jackson and their friends.


“We’re up” Mike walked by Chad and took his bass from the tech.


“I’ll let you deal with your cousin” Chad Kissed me again “Love you” he walked away from me and took his guitar. Kellan’s arm snaked round Miranda pulling her into him.


“So you enjoyed the show” I walked over to Xander and his friends


“I can safely say I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to crawl so far up my own ass” Xander put his hands on his hips “Damn Chris seriously”


“Yeah seriously after you saw me get shit on and hurt after being cheated on you went right out and fucked around on her” I pointed to Miranda “It almost put you in the Dimitri Carpov asshole league” Jackson snorted and Xander raised his eye brows “Oh and you’re no better” I poked Jackson in the chest, their friends we watching this unfold like it was a dream “That’s your twin sister and you knew what he was doing and you didn’t make him man up or pick up the phone and tell her what was going on”


“She’s traveling the world with you it’s…”


‘Oh do not say it’s hard keeping in touch you’ve done it with me and hell I can’t answer my phone half the time” I paced the floor “You suck as a brother only she won’t tell you that because she doesn’t want to hurt you… where as I don’t care I’ll tell you how it is and if you don’t like it then you’re the one that’s going to have to deal with it”


“Popcorn” Kerion came running back from the Catering truck and sat on one of the Packing cases Alfie took a handful “Did I miss anything?”


“Oh I’m so calling your wife” Mir poked him as Kellan reached over and took popcorn and sat next to Pete pulling Mir on to his lap Xander drew a deep breath as he watched


“Don’t you get huffy now Xander Sommers you blew it” I shook my head “I love I’ll always love you because you’re my cousin and you’ve had my back “But you can be a total asshole”


“I know” he looked at Miranda “I’m sorry… I was wrong to cheat” She nodded “You’re doing so much and I can’t keep up… couldn’t keep up and I fucked up” Kellan looked at me I shook my head “Mir you look happy with…” he looked at Kellan “Wow do you girls not have girl code”


‘Whoa” Mir got up “Don’t even go there if it was an issue do you think Chris and I would be talking… I’m not screwing her husband”


“Glad to hear it’ I smirked at her “And you still blush when he hugs you you’d choke if you saw him naked…”


“Oh we’ve all seen Chad naked” She looked at me as the two of us started talking like the guys weren’t there “admittedly you’re normally naked with him when he gets caught” I hung my head “but I do have to admit girl that man has a drift” I nodded and high fived her


“Yes he does”


“Okay I’m so done with trying to work out what the hell goes on in the female brain” Pete wrinkled his nose “Are they both discussing the size of Chad’s…”


“Yes we are” I looked at him


“Wow” Jackson rubbed the back of his neck


“You guys want to stay here and watch Nickelback from here”


“Are you done chewing us out” Xander looked at me


“I’m done” I smiled at him


“So can I hug my cousin now” I walked over to him and wrapped my arms round him and hugged him “Sorry you got pulled into this mess”


“I’m not I love my friends and family and I still need all of them” He kissed my forehead


“I know” he nodded


“Hey Wisconsin you gonna hug me as well?”


“Hell no… You’re going to go talk to your sister and then you’ll get a hug”


“Chris…” Lukas walked toward us


“Excuse me guys head back to our dressing room while Mir helps me get changed


‘CHRIS” Lukas blocked my way


“Dude back off from her” Jackson and Xander beat Danny and Corey to it


“Excuse me?”


“Go back to the blonde you were doing in the limo when we walked by” I looked at my guys we all shrugged at each other “Leave Chris alone”


“Yeah Lukas you know you have nothing to do with anything to do with NeverWest anymore” Alfie moved in between Xander and Jackson


“Really I hold the contracts and my signature is on them as well as the four of you and the four on stage right now “I own your asses and you have press to do” Lukas Snapped.


“We’re doing nothing tonight so whatever arrangements you’ve made cancel them” I walked round the wall of guys with Kellan and Mir “I’m going to spend time with my cousin and his friends and then go either out after Chad’s done or go back to the hotel and act like a porn star”


“CHRIS” Xander groaned


“Oh I need a cold shower” one of Xander’s friends hung his head


“She’s married she can do the skanky porn star thing and its okay” Kellan laughed


“Thank you” I smiled “Come on Mir” I walked down the hall with Miranda literally hearing Lukas’s teeth grinding together………………..

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