Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 82 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 22, 2012




………… Miranda locked the dressing room door as I stripped out of my stage things and got in the shower in the back of the room. She laid out my jeans and a corset I’d had made. I walked out of the shower with my robe on and sat down.

“You okay” she handed me a beer and sat on the counter across from me

“I’m irritated that Lukas does and says the things he does” I sighed sitting back “I think he’s seriously part of why Chad and I have had some of the problems we have” I took a drink from the beer

“You need to go and kick his ass like you did to Xander”

“I’ve chewed his out so many times and it seems like water off a ducks back with him I might as well bang my head off the wall” the door knocked she got off the counter.

“You guys done the girly stuff” Kellan leant on the door frame and ran his thumb over his bottom lip I got up and grabbed my clothes

“Oh I know that look” I walked passed him “Lock the door after I leave”

“We love you Chris” Kellan chuckled as he pulled his shirt off over his head and disappeared in to the wardrobe room with a shriek and a giggle come from Mir as he kicked the door closed and flicked the lock I walked to our dressing room and heard laughing and talking and the familiar sounds of Rock band being played. I walked in.

“Okay do not go in to Mir’s room” I walked to the bathroom and went in and got dressed I walked out

“Damn… why didn’t you tell us she was your cousin” One of the guys hissed to Xander

‘Because you’d act like this” Xander laughed looking over to me “Er isn’t that underwear not a shirt?”

“Wow who are you my Dad?” I ruffled his hair as I walked by him

“Saw him the other day” He got up and walked over to me “We… well we went to the wedding” I leant on the counter and looked at him and he stood in front of me Jess was a flower girl”

“Are you kidding me he signed her over to your parents” I sank the rest of my beer “Did he marry the Barbie doll?”

“Yeah” Xander tipped his head and looked me in the eyes “He asked about you”

“Too little too late” I fought back the tears “I don’t’ have a dad Xand” he put his arms round me and I buried my head in his shirt.

“You have a whole new family right that take care of you” He stroked my hair as I fought to hold it together “You did good Chris” he whispered “With Chad… You really did good” I looked up at him and smiled.

“I know” the door opened and Ryan walked in

“I heard rock band” he grinned the sweat still running down his face from being on stage

“Oh God go shower and then you can play” Alfie laughed “Mark you can take one Mr. Peake here”

“I couldn’t I mean it…”

“Oh honey” I moved away from Xander and over to Ryan “Don’t worry Ryan sucks at rock band”

“I do not” Ryan whinned

“Dude you really, really do” Kerion walked by him

“You guys are mean” Ryan smiled “Chris are you putting on a shirt?”

“Oh don’t you start” I rolled my eyes “Chad next door?”

Yep he spilt his drink down him so he went right in the shower”

“Wow miracles do happen” Alfie sighed “Never thought Chad would miss his mouth with Alcohol” I shook my head and walked out of the room and went next door, I knocked and put my hand on the door handle and something caught my eye, Lukas was standing at the far end of the hall his arm against the wall a woman pressed between it and him. The door opened and Dan grinned at me

“Chad your wife’s out here without a shirt on” he yelled back into the room “And damn Chris please remind me never ever to get you pissed with me after the reaming you did to Xander out there tonight” I moved my attention from Lukas to Dan and grinned at him as Chad skidded out of the bathroom door.

“First this is a shirt and second as long as you don’t cheat on Miranda we’ll be all good” I patted his face and walked into the room

“Nice top” Chad beamed

“See I told you I had a good one” I wrapped my arms round him “So what’s the plan for tonight because we blew off something Lukas had tried to set up for NeverWest”

“Well I think my brother wants’ to do something unspeakable to you by the way he’s almost drooling down your cleavage” Mike cracked the top of a beer “But I’m thinking we all head out for dinner as MY wife just sent me a Message that she just got in town” he grinned

‘And you don’t want to go and do unspeakable things to her”

“Oh I plan on it Mike laughed “But I can’t perform on an empty stomach”

“Okay I didn’t need to know that” Chad looked at him

“I’m playing rock band next door” Dan grabbed his beer “you guys have fun” he walked out and into our dressing room

“I’m going to shower” Mike walked into the back Chad pulled me over to the couch and pulled me on his lap

“You want to ask Mir and Kellan to come to dinner?”

“I think they’re… er… busy” I laughed as Chad traced tiny circles on my back. I looked at Chad he was my world, my rock, my everything. I put my arms round him and hugged him tight “You know I love you more each day” I murmured in his ear.

“I know” he blushed “I see it when you look at me and I still pinch myself and wonder how I got you” he stoked my face and kissed me with what felt like everything her had. The door flew open and Pete almost fell in “We could have been doing something” Chad Muttered

“Yeah what ver nothing we haven’t seen or heard before” Chad opened his mouth to say something “Chris you need to see this” he messed with his phone enlarging a picture”

“Oh god more Tabloid shit” I Eased up from Chad’s lap and went over to him

‘No… but still really crappy if it’s who I think it is” he handed me the phone. Chad got up and walked up behind me “She was talking outside to Lukas I’m hoping not the blond he’s hooking up with” Pete chewed his lip Chad put his hands on my shoulders and looked with me at the picture

“Crap that's your Mom” ………………………………..


And I know you want to kill me right now but it'll all come out in the next installment coming in a few months*

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