Uncovered Accent (Chris #3)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Cow's and wild Monkey's OH MY!

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



.......... “Here to Prague?” I almost dropped my tea “hell no”

“He called to see if I was still working with you” She paced the floor “Chris I’ve had to face Chad for the last two days knowing this”

‘Why didn’t you tell him”

“Because I didn’t want to be the one to have to deal with that fallout” She stopped pacing “His Dad is the Dad of Reba’s kid” I pinched the bridge of my nose

‘I know’


“Xander and Jackson called me last night and told me about the bomb going off in Tampa” I sat back “Have you told anyone?”

“Corey” she nodded

“Well that’s something” I got up “I need to talk to Chad” I chewed my cheek “and Pink Mir I’m scared as hell right now”

“Lukas will fill you in” She walked over and hugged me “Don’t let him in Chris not af…” I shook my head

“I’m not it still doesn’t change the things he did and the things he said kid or not we were done” I kissed her cheek “you coming to meet Kerions Nurse”

“You’re not mad with me?”

“Mir it would take a lot to get mad with you but the pink is heading in the right direction” I pulled open the door and bumped into Lukas “PINK”

“Voice Chris” he smiled “rest it” He kissed my cheek and walked into Nickelbacks dressing room

‘Okay who is he and where’s the real Lukas?” I looked at Mir

“He’s getting laid” she shrugged “Some blond he doesn’t let anyone see” She pushed open our dressing room door “But if it keep him happy and less snappy hell I’m all for it Oh and you got a gift in the mail” she walked past the guys and grabbed a box from the side “It’s from Jackson” she tossed it to me “Where’s Kerion?”

“He went to get a drink with Page” Alfie yawned as he stretched out on the couch I nudged his feet getting him to move them “So what’s been going on and did you miss us?”

“Hell yeas I missed you guys” She sat on the arm of the chair by Pete and Suzanne “but needs must” she sighed “So what happened with his Marine and is she cute and will she fit in with us?”

“Er… Shock, Very cute and she might do given time” Pete laughed answering all of her questions as I opened my package. “How’s the voice Chris?”

“A little tight but I’ll be okay” I smiled at him as the door opened and Kerion and Page walked in.

“we just went ion to your room” Kerion hugged Mir

“Well I’m in here” she laughed looking at Page “Sorry I was rude and ignored you earlier” Mir got up “I’m Miranda… Mir” she smiled

“You’re the crazy one that fell off the Monkey bars in kindergarten” Page pondered

“No that wasn’t me that was Heidi” Mir grinned “I was there so believe me the stories I have about these three guys would seel more books that Chris’s Mom could ever hope to sell”

“She’s the one with the loose mouth” Alfie bounced a cushion off of Mir’s head

“What?’ Mir Looked round

“My Mom’s put out another book” I got up and grabbed my bag and pulled it out and handed it to her “I got this yesterday” I sat back down a heavy feeling returning until I opened the package “He’s a dork” I laughed pulling out a pair of Cow slippers and two travel mugs “ I kicked off my shoes and put on the slippers and wiggled my feet


“Oh you need to wear your stage costumes and those” Mir started to laugh as she looked at the mugs “and what the hell is Cow tipping? I got up

“Something we do in Hicksville for fun” I grinned “Chad probably did it in Hanna”

“Hell no he was too busy breaking and entering places” Kerion sat down and pulled Page on to his lap

“True” I sighed “So what do we all do with a night off?” I poured more tea into my cup

“You’re going to be talking to your Husband” Mir slid into the seat I’d got up from “and have us on sped dial when his head explodes”

“Sounds like something’s happening?” Kerion looked round Page

“Not if I can help it” I chewed my lip the door knocked and opened Lukas put his head round it

“Okay I have the car waiting if you guys want to head to the hotel”

“Oh Awesome” Pete got to his feet

“Is Chad done yet?” I looked at Lukas

“They’re almost done” he nodded

“Let Chad know I’ll be in the tour bus” I picked up the book and my bag “I need to talk to him” Lukas’s face fell. I took off my slippers and handed them to Mir “Can you put these with my stuff”

“Sure” she got up and hugged me “Call if you need”

‘Yeah Chris” Alfie looked worried “We’re going to head out for dinner but you can call”

“I know” I walked out of the room and out of the back of the arena and into Chad’s tour bus. I sat on the couch and curled up my legs. Why the hell was Dimitri Carpov coming from Russia to Prague to see me? I rubbed the back of my neck, I wanted to be on stage singing my heart out or in the house with No one but Chad” I rested my arm on the back of the couch and looked out of the window at the hustle and bustle of the roadies making sure it was as perfect as ever. I jumped a little as the door opened and Chad stepped up the stairs, his smile immediately making me feel better

“Lukas said you were in here” He walked over to me “I thought you’d want to go to the hotel?” He took my cup and pulled me to my feet “But I’m not complaining that my extremely beautiful wife wants me here and now” He kissed me. I pulled him closer as all I wanted was to have him naked with me, My Hands pulled his shirt over his head as my lips trailed over his collar bone “Oh Damn I missed you” he moaned backing me to the bed “So damn Much” my shirt followed his along with the rest of our clothes I pushed him on to his back and moved over him my knees either side of his hips, He smiled at me as he pushed his hips up off the bed, Alfie was right Kerion and Page were going to have nothing on what was about to happen……………….

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