Well that just Bites

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Grace Highmoore was a woman that wanted little in her life other than her little store and her few friends and her family. Life had always been good even when her parents divorced life was still normal, until she turned twenty five and things began to change, but was it just life evolving or was there something more behind all of the strange things like her fathers fifth marriage right before her birthday and the way her Mom seemed to plaster a smile so fake forgers were jealous. But Events began to snowball when she was called in to lawyers office..........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Well that just Bites

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Submitted: September 02, 2015



………….. The grandfather clock in the outer office ticked with the deep sound, I looked at my watch I had been sat there almost twenty minutes as it was. I felt like I was a little kid that had been summoned in front of the principal. The dark mahogany paneled walls seemed the wrong environment to the large modern steel and glass desk that was set at an angle, the modern looking chairs looked a lot more comfortable than they actually were.

I glanced toward the door of the office that was still ajar, the voice cooed of what I could only describe as Mutton dressed as lamb, the secretary that had shown me in to the office was seriously trying to hold on to her youth and her grip was slipping, with her long waist length hair dyed a sickly shade of yellow blonde and a have pancake layer of makeup that may just melt if she stepped out into the noon day sun.

“Miss Highmoore is waiting in your office Mr. Simpson” I rolled my eyes as she sounded like a breathy Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

The door opened and a middle aged man with neat salt and pepper hair walked in his arms loaded down with files

“Miss Highmoore, I am so sorry I’m late court ran over for me” he put the files down on the table on the far side of the room and he shrugged out of his jacket. “It’s so nice to see you again… How is your father?”

“Well he’s traveling through Europe with wife Number five” I shrugged “I’m sorry for asking but you seem very familiar with me but I can’t seem to…” He smiled in a warm and friendly way and he eased back in his chair

“Well It has been around twenty years since I last saw you at your Grandfathers house, mind you back then I was fresh faced from law school and was shadowing my Uncle” I looked at him and was till drawing an utter blank as to why I would be there “You were riding a pink bike towing a red wagon behind you”

I smiled at the memories from my childhood, spending  summers at the house my Grandfather had built when he was twenty and was trying to impress high school sweetheart. That house had been the beginning of the thriving construction company and a very long happy marriage.

“Miss Highmoore?”  Mr Simpson frowned

“Sorry” I took a deep breath “I don’t understand why I’m here in a law office”

“To talk about your inheritance” he reached for the file on his desk

“S’cuse me, what inheritance” I eased forward in the seat “My parents are alive albeit divorced and my inheritance from my grandparents paid for my business” I was more confused than ever.

“You mean you parents haven’t spoken to you recently?” he swallowed hard

“Well I had dinner with my Mom last night and even though my Dad is traveling I still spoke to him at the weekend”

“Oh well this is a little difficult…” he messed with his collar “Er… maybe we should reschedule this meeting and…”

“No Carry on” my interested had been pricked and I had a knot the size of my fist in my stomach

“Well it’s a very sensitive matter,  that really should be discussed between you and your parents” he stammered his face becoming redder and redder

“I do not have time to chase down my father right now he’s on a yacht in the Med” now I was becoming irritated with the dodging of the matter I was here for “I have already been here almost an hour  and that amount of time from my day is a lot”

“Alright but it is not my intention to upset you” he took a deep breath “this is a meeting to discuss your inheritance” I sat back and looked at him. He swallowed hard again “From your Father”

“But my Father isn’t dead” I said shaking my head “Tucker Highmoore is very much alive and kicking and having a mid-life crisis with Barbie” I ground my teeth

“This is why you should have spoken to your parents” He sighed getting up and pouring himself a whiskey and holding the bottle up, I shook my head and waited while he sat back down and took a drink. The man that you think of as your Father… well he isn’t. Your mother and father were supposed to talk to you about this before your twenty fifth birthday… Miss Highmoore I’m so sorry about this”……………

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