What would you want for Christmas?

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Tricia Larson... High school Senior that works hard to help her family out all American girl that does her best but where relationships are concerned bad boys take her attention sometimes a good thing more often then not bad....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - What would you want for Christmas?

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



....................... You know when you’re a kid and your parents take you to the Mall at Christmas time to see Santa Claus… You do you know the lines of impatient kids and parents with even less patience all for the overpriced chance to sit on some old guys lap and tell him what you want for Christmas… YEAH WELL NEWS FLASH KIDS HE AIN’T SANTA… THE REAL SANTA WAS KILLED IN A SLIEGH ACCIDENT AFTER DRINKING WAY TO MUCH AND STILL THINKING HE WAS OKAY TO DRIVE THE SLEIGH…. That what I wanted to say to the next snot faced kid with a snooty bitch for a mother the next time I was asked what time Santa gets back from lunch.

Me I’m supposed to be a happy Christmas Elf thingy dressed in an outfit that I swear came from some midgets closet the skirt poofed out to just mid thigh, the top squeezed my waist to I think my bottom ribs were becoming deformed and yes if I wasn’t tit taped in every time I reached in the barrel to get out the gift and the candy cane the twins would have been out for all to see.

Welcome to my idea of hell… Normally I’m just Tricia Larson all 5 feet 4 of me an 18 year old Senior at Westland High. My deep brown eyes sometimes making me look like a deer in the head lights but my sharp tongue normally made up for it, but My parents both worked at their candle and lotions store here in the mall well it’s my mom’s but since Dad got laid off from the paper mill this past summer they work their together. This past few months things were tight at home and we were all trying to dig a little deeper to make things work. Hence the Slutty elf costume I was working at the ski hill in the restaurant at night and here after school and weekends. My brother when he wasn’t on the hockey rink was at the gas station till 2 in the morning working and then he was fixing snowmobiles at the weekends for his friends and their families and this time of year with already 3 feet of snow on the ground he was busier than hell.

I fidgeted tugging my skirt down again stomping my foot at the same time in frustration making the bells jingle on the ends of my shoes,

“Hey honey it say’s on the sign Santa would be back at 2” some fat sweating middle aged guy said patting my ass as his brat of a daughter was poking the toy reindeer with a sticky lollipop. “It’s now 2.03”

“Hey hands off the elf” I hissed “and sometimes Santa gets side tracked on his way from lunch… I’ll go and see where he is” I stalked away muttering under my breath where I thought the candy cane should be shoved when I was grabbed round the waist.

“Oh I think I’ve been naughty and I think you need to tell Santa” a familiar voice breathed in my ear

“I handle the naughty ones” I turned and planted a kiss on the lips of my boyfriend Paul.

“Sneak off into the grotto for a few minutes he chuckled as his hand slid under my skirt

“I can’t I’m working” I pouted

“Oh come on baby I’m out tonight shooting pool”

“Not my fault Paul” I pulled away from him he knew I hated the bar he went to full of drunks and cheap tarts “You had the choice to take me to the party or shoot pool you choose the bar over me”

“Don’t take it like that” Paul caught my wrist and gave me puppy dog eyes

“Tricia you ready” we both jumped as Santa walked up behind us “young man I think you’re a little old to sit on my knee”

“I’ll call you later Babe” Paul kissed me the smell of liquor on his breath gave away what his plans were for the day………………………..

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