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Chapter Fourteen-Jetylk

"Come on, Jet!" She giggled as she ran out the door. I chased after her, trying to keep her within eyesight. As I blinked against the sun, I saw a flash of her red hair disappear around the corner of a stone tunnel.

"Ember, wait!" I shouted, trying to catch up to her. The tunnel became a maze of stone as I followed her deeper and deeper into the entrance of the temple.

"You can't catch me!" I could hear her giggle somewhere ahead of me. The giggles became screams, which made me drop into a full sprint. The sight I came upon brought me to my knees.

"Ember...No..." Her lifeless body hung lamely from the wooden spears that must've shot out when she stepped on the sunken pressure plate. Blood dripped down her body, creating a small sea of red below her. "Ember..."

"Ember!" I shot straight up out of bed. Cold sweat clung to my bare chest and dripped down my face. The black sheets were a tangled mess on the floor, alongside the pillows. The candles had burned out long ago, but the clock was still ticking in the corner, reminding me of the time I had left on this world.

Tossing the sheets and pillows on the bed, I strolled over to the waiting onyx basin and water pitcher. The refreshing water slowly chased away the haunting images. I wasn't sure if the dream was an actual memory or just a dream. Part of the journal had been destroyed, leaving the events up to my disappearance a mystery.

Glancing out the window, I watched the full moon crest above the forest, casting ghostly light upon the ground. Shadows danced in the moonlight, chasing small creatures from their homes and striking fear in the heart of those who dared face the dark. A flash of the stone maze invaded the peaceful setting. Turning away from the window, I opened the door and made my way to the library.

The journal sat so innocently on the table as I lit a few candles. Opening the small book, I once again immersed myself into my shadowed past..

October 27,1913

What follows is proof that not all guardians are heartless murderes. Ember. Her name is Ember. I had met her at the Growling Hound tavern. With one look, she knew what I was, but instead of killing me on the spot, she started to question me about what kind of demon I was. At first, I was reluctant to answer her. Maybe she was trying to figure out the best way to kill me. Then it dawned on me, she had never met a shadow demon. With this realization, I was able to have a pleasant conversation with her that lasted for hours. Only when dawn approached did we say our farewells. I can only hope that I will meet her again.

December 19, 1913

Once again, I have been blessed with the wonderful company of the beautiful Ember. Rather by chance I met her on the street, white snowflakes caught in her auburn curls. We walked along, watching parents shooing their children away from toy shop windows and others burdened with numerous gifts. I learned that Ember had no family. Normally I would've shrugged this information off, but when she revealed this fact with tears in her sea-green eyes, it ate at my heart. If only there was some way for me to relieve her loneliness.

On and on it went, entry after entry about Ember. The dates started to become closer until finally I was writing about her everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. The last entry was what concerned me the most.

June 20, 1915

I finally found the perfect ring. Tomorrow, I shall ask for her hand in marriage. She said she had an outing planned for us, some kind of temple she wanted to wisit. A temple in South America. I could think of more romantic settings that would suit my needs, but I guess the temple will have to do. I only hope that--

The rest of the page had been torn off. There were no other entries in the journal. I needed to know more! If there was a ring, where on Earth was it now?

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