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Chapter Eight-Jetylk

I found myself once again watching the minute hand round the clock again and again. It seemed the only thing I had left in my dismal life was time. All the time in the world. The blood in my veins turned black ages ago, numbness replaced the pain I used to feel, I had no family, the only friends I had left were loneliness and time. Time... Something most people take for granted. "Jetylk, Tryz has surfaced." Armai said from the doorway. I had been so lost in my shadowed thoughts that I hadn't noticed Armai's entrance.

"Thank you. Make sure he completely recovers from the trauma and he is equipped with whatever he needs to capture Ember." I said with a cold, emotionless tone.

"I've been meaning to ask... Where were you before you showed up almost a month ago?" Armai asked hesitantly.

"To be honest, I don't even know. Wherever I was, it changed me. Both physically and mentally." I answered truthfully. "Some how I knew the war was over even though I had been missing for a century and the war ended 50 years ago."

"Do you remember what happened before you went missing?" Armai questioned. I met his firey, ruby gaze with my unusual cool, gray gaze. I remembered a time when I had a ruby gaze like his. It was one of the changes I had gone through when I was missing. Another change was a fragmented memory. Slivers came and went, some I couldn't make out, others threw me into vivid dreams.

"I'm not sure if I do, Armai. The only thing I remember from that night is flashes of color and screams." I replied. The look of worry on Armai's face would've ate at my heart if I didn't feel so numb.

"You remember that you and Ember have history together." Armai pointed out. I waved my hand over the unlit canble on the small table that sat next to my chair and watched it flare to life.

"I'm not sure if I truly remember that fact. I just know we do, like I knew the war was over." I admitted. "I also know that I need her from something important."

"You don't even know why you need her and yet you are risking the lives of fellow demons. Are you crazy?" Armai expressed rather angrily.

"Maybe I am, but I am doing what any other demon would do. If that makes me crazy so be it." I said as I stood from my seat. "If you question my logic, then I guess that makes you my enemy, and you know what I do to my enemies."

"I'm sorry, Jetylk. I had no right to question you." Armai said hastily as he bowed his head.

"Go check on Tryz." I ordered with a wave of my hand. After Armai closed the door behind him, I resumed my seat and pinched the wick of the candle that sat next to me, extinguishing the flame. The only light in the room came from the ivory candle under the clock. I watched the minute hand as I became lost in my dark thoughts once more...

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