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Chapter Six

Clouds billowed around me as I soared through the sky. My elegant blue wings soaked up the sun as my claws brushed against the white fluff. A monstrous roar made my head jerk up. His scales were black as tar and his eyes like hellfire. He spread his wings and dove into the clouds after me. I tried to fly away, but he was too fast. Soon, I found myself falling towards the ground far below. As I fell, my wings slowly shrank until they were no more, my paws became hands and feet, my blue scales turned to ivory skin, I was becoming human. I gave out one last roar that slowly became a scream...

I sat straight up, breathing heavily as cold terror dripped down my spine. I hugged my knees close to my chest trying to regulate my breathing. When the terror finally passed and I wasn't breathing like I had just ran a marathon, I looked around the room Salem had led me to last night. The main color throughout the room seemed to be red. The bedding was a dark crimson, the curtains were scarlet, even the walls were bright red. I vaguely remembered Salem trying to show me where everything was, but I had none too kindly pushed her out of the room and close the door in her face. After the demon attack, I tried to help clean up, but Jaz shooed me away and told Salem to find me a room. And so here I sat, with a nightmare that was quickly fading from my mind and a nagging feeling that it wasn't just a nightmare. A knock on the door blissfully drew my thoughts away from the nightmare. "Hey, are you awake?" Eric asked slowly opening the door.

I cocked my eyebrow at him like 'what do you think?'. He chuckled and leaned against the door frame.

"So I heard you kicked Salem out of your room last night." He commented as I stood. I shrugged and opened the curtains to let the sunlight in. "Any reason why?"

I looked at the bed and back at Eric. "Ah..." he nodded in agreement. "Well, shake a leg. Gar's making breakfast." Eric said before walking away. I closed the door behind him before heading to the closet. I opened the sliding door and just stared at the clothes that filled up the space. In the end, I wore a pair of light colored jeans and a royal blue shirt with a scoop neck and short sleeves that billowed out around my arms. The shirt reminded me of the wings I had in my nightmare. I grabbed Eric's jacket off of the desk and walked out into the hallway barefoot, since I didn't have any shoes. I pulled on the jacket as Salem came out of one of the other rooms holding a bowl full of bright yellow liquid. I looked into the bowl and wrinkled my nose when I caught a whiff of something acidic.

"It's for Gar's hands. They were torn up pretty bad last night." Salem explained with a small smile. I stepped aside so she could pass. I followed after her so I didn't get lost.

"So, how many stayed?" I heard Gar ask as we passed through swinging doors. He stood in front of a large stove mixing something in a pot while Jaz sat at the island fussing over paperwork and Eric leaned against a counter on the opposite side of the kitchen.

"Four vampires, seven werewolves, a few shape-shifters, and a lone faery." Jaz replied placing a sheet of paper aside to look at another one.

"Here's the nymph slime you asked for, Gar." Salem said quietly placing the bowl on the island. Gar turned from the stove and kissed Salem on the cheek.

"Thank you, darling." he whispered in her ear before dipping his ripped up hands in the strange liquid. I watched as the wounds bubbled and knitted themselves together. I grabbed a post-it note pad and a pen from the counter behind Eric.

'You better wash your hands before you go back to cooking.' I wrote down before sticking the note on the surface in front of the bowl.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Gar grumbled.

"Have you found anything yet, Jaz?" Salem asked handing Gar a towel.

"There is nothing here about the Zabytov being found or anything." Jaz answered motioning to the papers before her.

"I think that demon was high off of a fresh kill and thought he smelled the damn thing." Eric said frowning.

'What is this Zabitolv?'

"The Zabytov is an artifact that can make a demon extremely powerful or render a dragon mortal." Gar said rinsing his hands off.

'What does it look like?'

"It takes many forms, but the form of the Zabytov doesn't matter. It's the elixir it holds that matters." Jaz pointed out. "The Zabytov went missing two thousand years ago after the demons were exiled from Eurphoba."


"Home of the dragons." Salem added.

"Yeah, the damn leeches weren't too happy about the trip to Earth." Eric commented.

"We have all fallen from Eurphoba. No one likes that trip." Jaz said standing. My thoughts jumped back to the nightmare. Could that have been a memory?

'Where is this place?'

"Humans call it heaven. The spirits of the dead rise to Eurphoba, where they spend a certain amount of time, before being reborn into a new form." Gar explained taking the pot off of the stove. Salem set out five bowls to which Gar added some oatmeal.

'If Eurphoba is heaven and the home of dragons, what is hell?'

"Parnoz is what you would call hell. It's a wasteland below the earth." Eric said pushing off the counter.

"Only the truly evil go there." Salem added.

"And if you die as a drago. Once your soul goes to Parnoz, you will never be reborn again." Jaz said gravely.

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Oh wow! Great chapter, and way to clear things up and explain some things :) And the mystery dream? Nice touch ^_^

Tue, October 30th, 2012 10:05am


I will make sure to write some more soon if I have time :-)

Tue, October 30th, 2012 6:01am


Just a friendly reminder that "monsterous" should be "monstrous."

I like Chef Gar now, he officially became one of my favorite characters last chapter along with Miss Mystery (mute dragon-girl).

I like your take on the afterlife, very original. As a believer in reincarnation, I was intrigued to hear humans were reborn as dragons in Eurphoba (Heaven). Now that I think about it, the demons being exiled, the dragons becoming mortals, and the Zabytov are sounding a lot like the Fall of Man and the tale of how Lucifer was exiled from Paradise along with the Fallen Angels.

Interesting. Keep me updated for more, please. :)

Fri, November 30th, 2012 12:17pm


Uh... if you want to think of it that way lol

Fri, November 30th, 2012 4:55am

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