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Chapter Seven

I tore off the post-it and started a new note.

'I thought you guys were immortal'

"We are immortal, but even immortals die." Eric said grabbing a bowl of oatmeal. I watched as he added spoonful after spoonful of sugar to the bowl.

"She still needs a name." Jaz pointed out as she grabbed a bowl of her own.

"Can I name her?" Salem said practically jumping up and down.

'I'm standing right here...' I slammed the post-it down on the island. Jaz and Salem jumped from the sudden show of violence.

"Why don't you let her name herself?" Eric said stirring his oatmeal.

"Well, what do you want your name to be, girly?" Gar asked leaning against the island as Salem stole a bowl of oatmeal. I stared at the post-it note pad as I thought of what I wanted to be called. I smiled as a name came to mind and was about to write it down, but a knock drew my attention to the door.

"May I join you?" a man asked. If a man is what you would call him. His hair shimmered different shades of brown and gold as his eyes changed colors depending on the angle you looked at his angelic face. He had the body of a dancer, but I suspected that he had put that body to use for darker purposes.

"This is a private party, tinker bell, and you’re not invited." Eric growled. Jaz shot a look at Eric before turning to the man.

"You are more than welcome to join us, Aranea." she said. The man, Aranea, stepped across the threshold and sat on the stool that was closest to me. He flashed a smile at me.

"You're a new face. What might your name be, my dear?" he asked leaning forward slightly. Eric growled and set his bowl down with such force, I was shocked it didn't crack or shatter.

"Watch it, faery. Don't be getting cute." he snarled. I frowned and wrote a small note.

'Down boy'

Eric narrowed his eyes at me as everyone started laughing. "Guess she told you, snowman." Gar chuckled.

"Shut it, fish face." Eric hissed at Gar. That only made Gar laugh harder. I sighed silently and walked over to Gar. His laughter slowly faded with each step I took towards him. When I came to a rest next to him, he fell silent, looking at me with wide eyes. I raised my hand and was satisfied when it connected with the back of his head.

"Ow..." he muttered rubbing the back of his head. Eric started laughing and Aranea simply looked amused.

"If you're done screwing around, Gar, I need you to run to the street market and fill up our food stores. Eric, the club area needs some repairs. Salem, please wake our guests and make sure they are fed and return home safely." Jaz said with the authority of a noble or some high rank. She walked over to me. "You and I are going to pay a visit to an old friend of mine."

"This means I must part ways." Aranea said standing. He took my hand in his and brushed a soft kiss across my knuckles. I pulled my hand away frowning. He smiled and disappeared into nothingness.

"Damn faery..." Eric muttered dropping his bowl into the sink.

"You’re just jealous that he was making a move on the girly." Gar said pushing him slightly.

"As if." Eric huffed as he walked out of the room. I knew he was lying. I felt the jealousy pour off of him when Aranea smiled at me. Eric was truly a confusing man.

"We should go. I want to be back by dark." Jaz said pulling me towards the door. I stopped her and looked at my feet. She looked at my bare feet and frowned. "I think I have some shoes that will fit you."

"Jaz, do you want me to just fill up our fridge, or should I also buy a stash for the black hole?" Gar asked looking at the open fridge. I suspected it had been completely packed at one time, but now it held a few containers of meat, a carton of eggs, and a cooler that probably held blood bags. The fridge looked too big to be holding so little.

"Buy for her to. I think she might be staying here awhile." Jaz replied looking at the fridge as well.

"Now to figure out where to put it all..." Gar muttered as he started a list of what to buy.

"Ask Eric, I'm sure he can help. Let's go find you shoes." Jaz said pulling me out of the kitchen. I followed her trying not to run into doors or walls like a pinball. She came to a stop in front of a heavy oak door that was darker than the others. She opened it and stepped in. I looked around. It was a mini rainforest. Everything was made of green plants, colorful flowers, and exotic woods. I even spied a small pond in the corner of the room. "These should fit you." Jaz said tossing me a pair of soft brown knee high boots. I pulled them on, loving how the leather warmed my icy feet. I snatched a pen and notepad from her desk.


"No problem. You might be able to use this too." she said handing me a small black and red checkered messenger bag. I nodded and took it, stashing the notepad and pen inside. "There is something you should know about the person we are going to meet."

I held my hands up as if to say 'what?'

"Tarran doesn't like being questioned, so if you could refrain from asking him too many questions, ok? If he gets crabby, he may kick us out." she said softly. I studied her as she looked at the ground. When she said his name, I felt a flash of... something shoot through her. I put a hand on her shoulder and nodded.

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I apologize for not commenting on the other chapters... I've read this in one go so I didn't really have/take the time to leave a comment at each chapter... I have to admit that at the beginning I thought this novel is a bit odd. A girl waking up in an alley way and to be murdered. To top that she isn't able to talk and she hasn't got any memory or any clue at all. I think you've done a great job with the main character. It must be freaking difficult to write a novel in which the main character doesn't say a word. ^^ Why does Eric hate Nate? If they are brothers, why do they hate each other? What happened between those two? I do like how you use the gift of the main character to describe people's emotions and characteristics. It's a wonderful idea but you're making it a bit difficult for yourself :P And I have this weird feeling that the girl is the Zabytov. Or is that just me? I think that's about it. It was fun to read. I think me reading all these chapters in one go already implies that... And it flowed so well. There are some hard to read sentences but I can't remember them... Keep me updated for any upcoming chapters ^^ Keep writing and keep up the good work :3

Mon, June 23rd, 2014 4:18pm


Thank you! And yes it is incredibly difficult to write a novel where the main character doesn't speak. And I give no spoilers away so you will have to wait for future chapters for the answers you seek. Once again, thank you!

Mon, June 23rd, 2014 10:04am

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