Unwanted Knowledge

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




Part 2.

I pick myself up and dust off my clothes as I look around. It’s dark, and that smell is even stronger now. There’s stuff everywhere. Her couch is turned over, her TV is smashed, tables and chairs lay upside down all over the place, her lamps lay broken on the floor. It’s just a mess. As I slowly and silently walk around the room, I notice there are pieces of glass from broken bottles and weirdly shaped, smelly cigarette buds just lying around. Burned pictures are everywhere, as if she decided to burn all her pictures and then half way through, changed her mind and blew it out.

After I’ve checked all the rooms downstairs, the same in every room, just a mess; I quietly head for the upstairs. I’ve seen way too many horror movies to try and call out her name. As I get to the top, I hear something coming from her bedroom. It’s too quiet for me to hear what. I slowly tip-toe towards the room, as I get closer I hear a voice. A mans voice, and something else. It’s like… slobbering? There’s a small crack in the door way, just enough for me to look in. It’s just enough for me to see that horrible, grotesque sight. There’s a man, standing over a table with his arms and face pointed towards the sky. He’s quietly chanting in some weird language. There are candles all over the floor. Next to each of them is a small red drawing. And strapped to the table, in the centre of the room; lay Natalie, slowly but surely getting eaten alive by a big, slimy, bluish, furry, lumpy monster. It has long, thick, black claws, which it uses to pry out her guts. It has bright, yellow eyes and it’s huge, sharp, fang like teeth are covered in her blood. Its ears are long and skinny, and stick straight up. At the tips there is bone sticking out, as if it had pushed itself through the monsters skin.

A cloth is stuffed in Natalie’s mouth, making it impossible for her to scream. Her intestines are hanging out of the big hole in her stomach from where the monster is slowly eating her. She’s covered in her own blood. Her struggle to get loose is weakening.

Without thinking anything through, I’m about to run to her rescue, when someone beats me to it. Suddenly there is a person in black, their face covered by the shadow from their hood; sitting on the window pane. I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman, but they look like something pulled out of lord of the rings. There’s even a sword on their hip. I see a black flash in the room, all the candles are blown out, and then the person is standing in the window again with Natalie in their arms. The man is laying on the floor bleeding to death, and the monster is moaning with pain as its disgusting, yellow eyes have been gouged out. Whoever the person in the window is turns their head and I see a pair of eyes under the hood, look directly at me. Then in a flash, they’re gone.


All that’s left now is a dark room with to things screaming in agony. With a plan to sneak away, I tip-toe towards the stairs. Then something stops me. The most disgusting laugh I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Petrified, I manage to slowly turn myself around. There, standing in the doorway, without a scratch, is the man who I just saw get killed. The man who tried to kill Natalie. He has a horrible, smug grin on his face as he looks me over.


“Come and have a look at this, my darling.” He calls into the room. The big, gross monster comes out, its horrifying, yellow eyes completely in tact.


“He thinks he can get away, how cute.” The man says and has another little chuckle. The monster makes some kind of weird noise that I think is meant to be laughing.


“Humans are such stupid creatures.” He says and roles his eyes at me. “Alright, my sweet. Bon appétit.” At that the monster leaps towards me. I stumble around in complete shock and just barely manage to start running before it’s on me. There are so many questions on my mind as I sprint down the stairs and across the room. The main one is, “What the hell is going on?” I really just can’t make sense of any of this. The only thing I can hope for is that it’s all a horrible nightmare and I’m really at home right now, lying in my nice, warm bed.

I rip the door open and keep running down the street. The full moon is shining in the clear sky. Where did all the clouds go? I continue running even though I’m exhausted, trying to convince myself that this is just a dream, and that I’ll wake up soon. Then, suddenly I feel an excruciating pain in my leg as I’m pulled to the ground. I turn and see that the beast has scratched my leg with its huge… paw? And is now climbing on top of me. I feel around with my free hand to see if I can find anything. It breathes heavily into my face. I almost pass out from the horrible smell. It’s about to take a bite out of me. If I don’t do something within the next second, I’m a goner. The pain in my leg is agonizing. I almost want to die after all of this. Then I remember Natalie. I remember everything we’ve been through and the state I last saw her in. I have to find her. Then my hand gets a hold of a rock. I grab it and smash the monster on the head. It whimpers. I keep hitting it until it moves and sort of gets off of me. Enough for me to squeeze myself out and keep running. Though I wouldn’t really call it running. What with my ripped up leg it’s more fast limping. But not fast enough. The monster is soon on me again, and this time there’s no rock. I feel my consciousness fading. Then, right when I think I’m about to die, an arrow shoots through the monsters head. It whimpers and I feel it falling off of me. The world is getting blurry. I see something black and pass out. 

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