I Know

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Ellie had a sister called Rose. Rose met her new boyfriend in a local bar and had been together with him for 5 months. But when Ellie came back from a conference in America and went to visit her little sister, she was in for the shock of her life. As she found her sister and her boyfriend mutilated on the farm there were still questions to be answered. Was it her boyfriend who killed her? Or will the evidence prove someone else was at the scene of the murder?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Know

Submitted: November 29, 2012

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Submitted: November 29, 2012






It was dawn. The sun had just began to rise over the frosty, cold hills of the farm. As the cows breathed out the cold air and the dogs barked and yelped loudly in their kennels, the suns warmth began to melt away the frost that was blanketing the hills. The farm was still, all the animals were quietly sleeping  and grazing peacefully on the farm that she once owned. Rose was her name. Even though the farm was quiet and the lushious hills were now being warmed up  by the suns raise. Inside the house was as dark and demonising as hell. As you walked through the door you could feel that something wasnt right.It didnt feel like the welcoming cottage that it used to be . It felt dark, bloodcurdling. It was now a place where the hairs on the back of you neck would stand on end.

"Rose!" Shouted Ellie as she walked in to the cold cottage. She placed her bag on the counter top and looked around the kitchen she had stepped in to. Ellie hadent  seen her sister in over 3 weeks as she had attended an important meeting in America. When she had left her sister she was madly in love. She had met a guy west of town in the local bar. They had been together now for just over 5 months and seemed so happy when Ellie had invited them to her son's christening. Ellie was happy for her. It was  about time she had found someone decent. Rose's fiance died in a fire 2 years ago. It was no fault of his own, It was an electrical fault that had happened downstairs. But living in the top floor flat, he had no hope. She made herself feel guilty by saying it was all her fault.

"Its not your fault sweetheart" Ellie always reassured.

"Rose!" Ellie called again. The kitchen looked disgusting. Rose must have been preparing food as there was food layed out on the worktop and still in the pots. There were flies gathering on the open meat that was set on the wooden chopping board on the counter. Ellie screwed her nose up at the smell. She couldn't quite understand why Rose would leave all this food out. It stunk to high heaven and Rose was the most cleanest person you could meet. Ellie walked slowly down the dark hallway. The floorboards creaked under her feet. She opened the living room door and looked around. The vase that their late grandmother had given them was smashed in to peices around the fireplace.

"What on earth is going on?" Ellie said to herself and she looked around the living room once again. There were beer bottles on the small wooden coffee table and around the floor of the sofa. There was dust gathered all over the tv and over the table. It looked like nobody had been living here. Ellie began to walk slowly over to the stairs. Her heart now beating through her rib cage. She gripped on to the banister and made her way slowly up the creaking stairs. She caught site of Rose's bedroom. There was what looked like a fist mark right in the middle of the white door. There was glass spread over the landing and around her door.

"Rose are you here?" Ellie said quietly to herself. To scared to find out what was behind Rose door. Ellie placed her hand on the door knob and slowly turned it to the right. She breathed in, then out again. She pushed open the door and screamed in surprise. She fell to the floor covering her eyes, tears now streaming down her pale face. She turned to her right side and vomited. Ellie wiped her mouth and panted, trying to catch her breath. There in the room was Rose. But she wasn't Rose no longer. As her body hung still from a cord on the ceiling, her eyes open and dry, the boy she had met just a few weeks ago was laying on the bed with a shotgun in his right hand. The sheets were stained with his crimson blood while his head was no longer there. His right arm was flopped over the bed, his hand was covered in blood holding on to the silver shotgun. Ellie couldnt move, she was speechless. There was no way in hell this was real. Her only little sister. Taken from the world in such a cruel fashion. Why? How? Nobody knows how long they were like this for. Ellie looked up at what used to be her sister. She wore a white dress and had a chain around her neck that was given to her by Ellie herself. The dress was stained with all sorts of things. Exspecially blood. Her neck was bruised and purple from where the cord wrapped around her neck. Her wrists were tighed behind her back with cables ties. They were also bloody and bruised. This couldn't have been an accident surely? Flies were gathered around the body of Rose's boyfriend, Jack. His body was mutilated. He had all scram marks up his arms from where it looked like someone had been struggling to get away from him. Rose's face was bloodied and cut as the dried blood around her eyes were dark and black. The stench in the room was unbelievable. The smell of death was overwhelming. 

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