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This is story by me, contenting some of my real life experiences and some imagination about love feeling..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Story by ME

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



It’s really a very simple story and my first story as well. About a beautiful love and care of teen age, I hope that you will like it and accept it. I have tried my best to present it as simply and beautifully I can.

This is the story about very simple and studious girl Devi and very hardworking and strong boy Surya.

Hi, my name is Devi, now I will tell you my story, when I was of sixteen years and he was nineteen years. I still go dreamy when I remember all my memories of teen age…….

It was an ordinary vacation, like any other summer vacation. I was at my village. I was enjoying enchanting smell of black soil and green farms. Mango trees which were just surrounded our farms, looking like if they were guarding it.

It was around 12 in the afternoon my aunt called me for the lunch. She left her tools in the farm where she was working and we headed towards the home. Our village home was about of 20 minutes’ distance from the farm house. We reached home, lunch was ready, and my grandmother had cooked that. As soon as we finished our lunch my cousin brother came in and said today his two friends also going come for lunch, so my grandmother and I cooked extra food immediately. My aunt left for the farm and I stayed at home to help my grandmother.

After two hours two of them came. Lunch was ready, so I and my grandmother started serving them. One of them was my friend too, to whom I have met three years ago. Wow it’ been three years that I am visiting my one friend like this. I still remember his name even if have not passed that much time together. He was looking stronger and big than that was at last time.

I asked him, “hey, Surya, how are u?”

Surya, “I am fine, but do I know you?”

I just laughed and said, “I remember you very well, you are the boy who had offered me mangoes three years ago, when I was with my brother at your farms.”

Then he also laughed loudly, “Yes, now I remember you, you are Devi. How you are here?”

I said, “Oh! Thank god you remember me at last. So what’s going on?”

He said, “Nothing, just looking after my farming and practicing for state level wrestling championship. What are you doing by the way?”

“I have just given my exams of 10th standard and now waiting for the final results, so now I am on vacation and enjoying summer here.”

While talking with me he also finished his lunch, and left with my brother.

I was remained shocked when I just saw him first time after three years. He had changed so immensely, he had grown up with his height and his physic too. His dark brown eyes and jet black hair with very fair skin just making him look so attractive. I was just not able to stop my thinking about him. I was wondering if he also thinking same about me.

Two days passed he does not come to my home, finally as it was not controllable I asked my brother.

“Have you seen Surya?”

“Yes, he is at home, resting. He got injured while practicing. Actually you should go and see him, he will feel good.”

“Oh! Thank you for informing me brother, I will go right now.”

“No, it is too late now you should go tomorrow morning.”

“But, I wish to see him right now.”

“Ok, as you wish. Be careful.”

As his house was nearby my house I reached there almost running at 5 minutes. I went inside of the house straight into his room, and what I saw, if any angel is sleeping in front of me. His silky jet black hair was lying on his forehead, his bright face just shining like sun, as his name really suits him, ‘Surya’. I was standing at one place frozen, just looking at his face and his macho like body, how can any nineteen year old boy can look that stronger? I slowly moved toward him, and I took his hand into my hand. I shouted in surprise.

“Oh my god, you are burning like hell.”

“Yes I am having fever.”

I surprised and move backward and asked him whether he has taken any medicine or not.

“Yes, I have taken, but I think it doesn’t worked that well.”

He was trying to wake up from his bed. I stopped him.

“Don’t move, tell me what you want. I will get for you.”

“Water and that tablet.” He said pointing to the table which was in the corner of the room.

I moved to the other corner of the room, as soon as I turned my back towards to him, he tried to stand up and fall down.

I turned to him immediately. He was fainted down. Somehow I make him to get on bed. He was so tired that soon he felt asleep. I was just looking at his face continuously, even though he was sick, still looking so bright and beautiful.

“Oh, Surya, I wish if you could understand how I feel about you?” I whispered with myself and what the….he suddenly opened his eyes and said.

“I know, because I also feel same for you Devi.”

I was so shocked, surprised and shy, that I directly ran to home from there.

I couldn’t sleep for that whole night, I just thinking about him.

Next day I got ready early morning and left for the farms without informing anyone. Surya’s house was exactly at the behind of our farm house. I was sitting under the mango tree with was at our farm, which was exactly in front of is house gate. I was actually waiting for him. I was continuously staring at his house door which was closed.

Suddenly someone gave pat at my shoulder; I got scared and literally jumped from my place. I looked back, so that was him.

“You scared me.”

“I m sorry, were you expecting someone else.”

I was blushing in shyness, “no, just thinking something.” But actually I was dying to see him and he knew it, still pretending like he doesn’t know anything.

“What you doing here?” I asked him just to change the topic.

“These are my farms here, so I was working in it.”

We were really not having anything to talk. But still we wanted to talk to each other, know each other more. Just to have some conversation I asked him.

“How many members are there in your family?”

He got little emotional and said, “no one, I the family.” And he went in the house.

I wanted to know why he said like that, so I followed him and went behind him. He was facing the wall and crying silently. I was standing right behind him. I asked his, “Surya what happened? Sorry if I have asked you anything wrong or hurting.”

He turned to me, pulled me to his chest and wrapped his strong arms around me so tightly, as if he was touching someone first time in his life. His touch was so innocent, so thirsty, that I couldn’t stop myself. I also just wanted to be in his arms like that only for life time. He was crying like a baby.

“ I am alone Devi, I am all alone. Since my parents died five years ago in flood. Please stay with me. Don’t leave me alone.”

“Surya, don’t worry. I am always with you. I am here for you.”

“Thanks, I am very glad. God must have sent you here for me.”

And he leaned little bit towards me, as if wanted to kiss me. I pushed him back, freed myself from his muscular arms and ran away.

“I think someone is calling me.” I almost shouted and ran outside in the farms which were right infront of his house.

“I am coming shalini aunt.”

“Come on we have to go the riverside to start water motors.” Shalini aunty told me to come with her.

We both went riverside, he also following us. Aunty asked him what were he doing there, he said he also came to start water motors.

He was lying though my aunt caught him within one glare only. He was blushing like rose and I was staring at him. My aunt was just looking at both of us and asked one question.

“From when this is going on?”

We both just looked at each other and said together,

“Since three years.”

Aunt was with us, because he had understood this is selfless love.

Then onwards we started meeting each other every day. We started spending more and more time with each other. Like this we spent more than one month together. We fall for each other in really very short span of time.

It was more than one month; my time had come to go back to school. So got up early in the morning and went to him to see him to tell him goodbye.

I think he was aware that I have to leave, that is the reason he was waiting for me at the gate. As soon as reach there he just pulled me to his chest and lifted me. He took me inside of the house. I was almost screaming, “Surya, what are you doing? Put me down.” He was just not listening to me.

He hugged me so tight, that I was not able to move little also. Then he moved his lips to my ear and said so smoothly. “I want to say long goodbye to you Devi.”

He started kissing me so passionately that I was just fall again for him. His lips were so warm and so good. I just wanted to be with him like that for as long as I can. But I had to left.

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