Blink of an Eye

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Father's Apology

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Chapter Two: A Father's Apology

At seventeen, you're supposed to be drinking Friday nights away, have drunk sex with absolute strangers, all the while rebelling against parents who you know, deep deep down, love you to pieces and just want what's best for you.

Why couldn't Presley's life be more like that? Instead she was stuck mourning the loss of a mother she loved more than anything in the world while being forced to meet a father who probably didn't give a rat's ass about her or her well-being. A custody thing. This was what this was, nothing else.

Slowly Presley hoisted her duffel bag higher onto her shoulder as she dragged her skateboard along. Her eyes darted from left to right, trying to find someone who could potentially be the man that had given her life. How was she supposed to begin when she had no clue how he looked? So instead she just walked around the station with a steady look on her face. She hid any form of emotion away from view as she saw mothers hugging their daughters or sons, husbands greeting their wives, lovers embracing for the first time in what was perhaps weeks...

Finally she found herself a bench near the help desk. She dropped her suit case on the stone floor beside her before taking a seat, deciding that she would let her father come to her. Maybe he would recognize her before she could recognize him?

"Presley?" a masculine voice asked. Presley's head whipped to her left so that her blue eyes locked on a man that was undoubtedly him. For who else would know her name?

He was a tall man, quite unlike Presley's mere five feet, two inches. He had short light brown hair dusted with gray and a slight stubble of a beard. He was quite muscular, proof that he was used to working out, but not too much. What really caught her attention however was his eyes. Staring back at her was a pair of light blue eyes identical to her own.

"Yeah, that's me." Presley said, somewhat dumbfounded. She was speaking to her father. The man that had abandoned her. What the hell was she supposed to do? What was she supposed to feel? Because right now she wasn't feeling anything.

"My truck is parked out in the parking lot..." he said. He seemed awkward and uncertain of himself, standing there with his hands deep in his jeans pockets.

Presley took this as her queue to follow him. She got to her feet and went to pick up the suit case on the floor, but the man with her blue eyes was faster.

"No, no. Let me." he said and a few seconds later the father and daughter were climbing up the escalator leading towards the station exit.

"So you skateboard?" David Thompson inquired.

"Yeah." Presley replied.

"That's nice." he stated.

That was all they said to each other before they had gotten into David's old red Chevy. The pick up truck had definitely seen better days, Presley noted as she dumped her things in the trunk before climbing in the passenger's seat. The entire first five minutes of the drive were quiet. Way too quiet.

"Do you mind if I put on some music?" David asked as he glanced sideways for a moment. His daughter merely nodded, her own eyes on her hands as she played with the chipped black polish on her fingernails. "I don't have the best of tastes... I'll warn you now." he added with an awkward chuckle.

"Right." Presley responded with a nod as she glanced at him. His right hand was searching through a pile of CD's while the left was busy working the steering wheel, his eyes never leaving the road.

"Ah, there we go. My Chuck Berry CD..." he said before slipping the disk in the player. "My daughter... Your... sister... she hates him." he said, catching himself a little too late. Presley shook her head, seeming not to care. Honestly, a part of her did. She wanted to know more about this mysterious half-sister of hers – and on another note... she absolutely loved Chuck Berry. Besides the blue eyes, it was the first thing in common Presley had noticed between her and her so-called father.

"What's her name?" Presley asked slowly.

"Robyn... She's nice, I'm sure you two girls will get along just fine." David told his illegitimate daughter as they turned onto the road that led north to an even smaller town than New Haven.

Hamden, Connecticut had approximately fifty thousand people. It was nothing like Presley was used to, with the pretty Victorian-style homes and all of the trees. At one point they passed by a nice little park with an old stone wall that arrived at Presley's hips. The style was definitely not something you saw in New York City, not even in Central Park, which was the greatest park Presley had ever been to.

"It's nothing like New York but... It's my home." David said after catching Presley glancing out of the window at a lake a few short seconds after crossing the first set of lights.

"Definitely not New York." Presley agreed, although her tone was a little glum. She played with the string of her gray sweater absentmindedly. Silence fell once again, and so did the awkwardness – although that particular one had never left to begin with.

"Putnam Avenue." Presley read. She had read the play 'The Crucible' last year in her English class. One of the families had the surname Putnam. Was it a coincidence that a small town in the such close proximity to where the witch trials had taken place centuries ago was named after them? From what Presley could remember, the characters from the play had been based on actual people from back then... She decided that it wasn't. Just great. She had despised her old English teacher from sophomore year and had been repulsed by that play.

"This is the high school – we will enroll you as soon as possible... you will most likely be starting next week..." David pointed out. Presley was quick to frown. She was going to start at a whole new school half-way through October. Great. "A lot of kids go out at the pizza place just across the street." he added as he pointed into the other direction.

It took another five minutes of New-England homes, stop signs – the fact that there were little to no street lights made the smallness of the town so much more evident – and street turns before David turned onto one final street. It was a nice, peaceful street with houses varying in colors, but all with the same style as the rest of the town. One house in particular was of more importance than the others however – an average-sized light beige home with maroon shutters and an equally maroon door. There were many trees all around, and in the backyard Presley noticed the large and fancy in-ground pool.

"This is it." David Thompson said as he shut the engine off, in turn muting Chuck Berry's voice. "...listen, Presley." he added as an after-thought. For the first time, the father and daughter met each other's gaze.

"Hm?" Presley replied as she ran a hand through her long messy hair. She could almost feel the awkwardness radiating from his fair skin.

"I hope you don't hold it against me... what happened between me and your mother." he said. Presley looked at him in confusion. She had absolutely no idea what had happened between them.

"Right... Um. Okay." she said simply.

"I'm sorry." he tried again.

"Yeah, it's okay." Presley said with a nod. She wanted to shut him up.

Without a second's thought, she got out of the truck and went over to get her things in the trunk. She could feel David's eyes on her as she hopped onto the back wheel so that she could lean over the side to get her skate board and two bags. When she had straightened up on the ground again, David gave her a tentative smile before nodding towards the front door.

"Robyn is at a few of her girlfriends' for the night... You'll be sharing a bedroom with her. I hope you don't mind." he said. Presley shrugged. Did she have a choice?

The first thing Presley noted upon entering the front door was that the inside of the house looked nothing like the outside. The entrance was painted a light shade of green, with modern light fixtures hanging from the ceiling and pictures all around the house of David, another woman and a baby. Robyn. Part of the kitchen was visible from the entrance, and it was just as modern-looking, with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Holy shit she looks like me. Presley thought as she ogled the nearest baby picture. Same jet black hair, same sparkling blue eyes, same heart-shaped face... Holy shit!

"What the fuck! Are we – is Robyn...?" Presley trailed off in confusion as she glanced at a more recent picture.

Robyn was dressed in a pink tank top and a black skirt, her hair curled loosely around her face with sparkly eyeshadow and glossy pink lips. While Presley would never be caught dead wearing such monstrosities, everything else about her was the same.

"We're... We're fucking twins!" Presley breathed. The half-sister she was led to believe she had was actually an identical twin sister. "I... I need some fresh air. I... I'm sorry." she added, quickly pushing passed David, who was eying her awkwardly.

"Presley wait just..." David attempted, but she had already gone out the door, jumping on her skateboard as one foot moved back and forth against the asphalt to give her more speed. She really couldn't deal with this...

A new town, a new home, a new father... and now she was seeing double – in the form a twin her mother had never mentioned in seventeen fucking years.

She hated being pissed off at her mother, especially when the woman was dead... How could she have kept such a thing though?

Author's note: Hi again! So here's the deal with this novel. I will only post chapters every time I get at least five reviews.

I really hope you enjoyed it – I had fun writing it!

So what will happen to Presley? And are you guys excited to meet Robyn and David's wife?

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