Someone Like You.

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Corey Todd

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Submitted: April 01, 2011



School passed on in a normal fashion, avoiding Warren and staying pretty much unnoticed. I decided after school , rather than going home, since Mom was working on a pretty intense chapter, to instead walk to Corey's apartment which was only a few blocks from school.

When I arrived, I climbed the three flights of stairs that would take me strait to Corey's door. I let myself in to the small dingy apartment where he lived. It was made up of one bedroom and a living room/kitchen that he barely ever used.
Corey was asleep on the threadbare, plaid couch in the middle of the room facing the old fashioned radio set he had instead of a TV. I turned the radio on, loud, and pulled the shades from the window to let the light in. Heading to the kitchen, I opened the fridge door only to find beer bottles and a box of take away from what I assumed was a few nights ago. "I'm just going down to the store across the street, Cor. You better be awake when I get back."

In the store, I picked up a can of Diet Coke and made a large, leafy green salad at the salad bar paying for it all with a five dollar bill I picked up off Corey's counter before I left the apartment. Sprinting back to apartment I found Corey sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter with his head resting on the table top.

"Late night?" I asked. He grunted what sounded to be a yes and when he didn't move to say anything more I pulled out a plate and piled the salad on, setting it in front of him. Corey's cutlery drawer was a mess, if you could call it that. It was full of plastic forks and knives he had collected from the insane amount of take out meals he ate every week. I picked out two clean looking forks and handed one to Corey, who was now rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Thanks, Lavender." He said with a weak smile.

I smiled brightly back at him, then took the stool facing his. "How was school? Did Warren do anything to you? I really don't understand why you don't let me knock some sense into him already. I mean how can they let idiots like him even on the football team?" Corey looked serious, so to avoid any conflict I answered, "Good actually, I haven't got a lot of homework and Mom is really stressed at the moment, so I think I'll stay here for a few hours before heading home."
"Cool, but I need to head out at around 5. So you lock up with your key."
"Will do."

My relationship with Corey Todd was complicated to say the least. He was Hayden's older brother, and lived alone in his apartment after an argument with his parents about collage got him kicked out of the house. He was 19 and I was 15, but I think he depended more on me then I on him. Corey wasn't a very social person anymore, though he was the most popular guy around in high school. He was the student body president, the home coming and prom king, captain of the football team, member of the hour role, and the list goes on. The guy all the girls wanted and the guys wanted to be. That is until he decided to rebel and choose to not take his collage scholarship to play football for a respected university.

"Jared," Corey began, "proposed to Kelsey yesterday and she said yes. I think they are planning the wedding for the wedding to be in the fall, when all the trees are copper and bare. Do you mind going with me?" I was stunned for a second, but answered smiling, "Yeah, I would love to."

It came as a shock to me that Corey would ask as he could have asked any girl and she would have said yes, without a question. Corey was tall and muscular, with confident blue eyes and long wavy brown hair to his shoulders. He gave off an easy going, comfortable vibe, which is why so many girls in his high school years adored him.

"I'm just going to call Mom to tell her I'm here." I smiled at him. "Cool." He smiled back. I walked into his room and shut the door, dialing my house telephone as I walked. The house phone went strait to voice mail, and I heard my mom chirpy voice, "I'm not able to take your call at the minute, leave a message after the beep." Beep! "Hey Mom, I'll be at Corey's till 5 or 6. Let me know if you need anything. Love you." At that moment I heard the door click and Corey walked in.

"I have an hour before work starts, what do you want to do?" He asked, sitting on the bed to face me. "Good question. How about the library?"
"The park."
"We did that yesterday."

"Umm, the mall?" I paused for a minute, actually thinking about what I had just said. "On second thought, I don't want to go to the mall. Corey looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes, "I like the idea! The mall is close to The Dunbar," This was the name of the restaurant he worked part time at. "and we haven't ever been there together yet."

My eyes went as wide as saucers, "Please not the mall Corey! It's inhabited by my whole school!" He stood up and smiled, "That's exactly why we are going. I've been looking for a chance to become acquainted with your friends."

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