Adopted Because I'm Adorable

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Allison never had a good life that is until she meets Chris Vallow lead singer the Unbreakables

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adopted Because I'm Adorable

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Me and my friend Marcy were in the car on our way to a concert, Blood on the Dace floors concert, I wasn't a fan, but Marcy had an extra ticket so she took me along.

"We're here!" Marcy yelled as she stepped out of the car and jumped around the parking lot.

"Let's go inside." I pulled her towards the  paramount theatre.

We found our seats and sat there for more than 20 minutes, before I got bored.

"Hey Marcy, can I borrow your keys I want to go get my phone?"

"Yeah, sure, her ya go. She through me her keys, and I walked out to her car.

I reached for the glove box and pulled out my phone. I got out of the car and shut the door. My phone started to beep, so I read the text message while walking. I ran into someone though, because I wasn't paying attention, the impact was pretty painful too.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, are you OK?" the guy asked. He had black hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I could tell he wasn't very organized as a person. Because he was wearing a red shirt with a neon green hoodie,white skinnies and dark blue converse.

"Nice, outfit." I said slowly.

"Thanks, hey do you want to do something?"

"I can't I got to get back to my friend."

"Oh come on, please." he begged.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Do you like the bands that are playing tonight?" He asked.

"I only know one of them, I haven't even heard of the other people."

"Who are the other people??"

"I don't know, Broken...Band, something." I said.

"My name is Christopher Vallow, anyway do you want to do something?"

"Like, what?"

"We could go to the VIP room."

"But I don't have a VIP pass."

"You don't need one, if you're with me."

"Why's that?"

"I'm one of the VIPs, I'm Christopher Vallow, the lead singerof the band you've never heard of."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of pop music."

"I don't sing pop, I'm more rock than anything."

"You just look more like a rock singer."


Me and Christopher were in the VIP room, to tell you the truth I've never seen so many famous people in one room together, I don't think I've ever even seen a famous person either. I'm a very low profile person.

"Are you having fun?" Chris asked, while sitting on the armchair I was also on.

"Not really, I kinda want to go back to the theatre.

"I'll walk you back, then. He looked kinda sad.

"Do you have tickets for the show, if so you can sit next to me and my friend?"

"I'm performing, I'm not gonna be in the crowd."
I count help but think he already told me that.

"Maybe we could meet up after though." he concluded.

"Sounds good."

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