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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 20, 2012

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Chapter Dos:


Just the sight of him made me stop. Made me forget all the thoughts Id ever had about Clarissa. He, who I'd talked to for so long, yet never actually met. My best friend, my brother, the one I confided in. And I was actually meeting him.


He was lanky, and slightly pale. His eyes were a deep brown, and his hair was long-ish, and flipped out on the ends. And he was tall.

I wanted to hug him. To run right over to him, and wrap my arms around him, and hug him. I wanted to talk to him. To laugh with him. I wanted to tell him everything. I wanted to do everything with him.

But Ami would never let that happen.

Ami is Hunter's girlfriend. And although we're really good friends, I knew Ami wouldn't be crazy about me hanging out with her boyfriend. But couldn;'t she let me have one day?

"We have to clean my room," Ami said. And we all knew she meant they were probably gonna make out.

So all I got, was a double high five, a smile, and "Aili! Im gonna give you an akward high-five." From him.


A little while later, when Hunter and Ami were "Cleaning", I was busy sitting on the bench-swing, thinking, while Claire and Tim cuddled, kissed, and tickled each other.

So many times that day, I got upset, depressed, freaked out, and angry. I scratched the skin off my arm, since I couldn't cut, and almost cried a lot.

I wasn't enjoying myself. I'd offered to go home early, so they could hang out alone, but Claire had said no. And so my suffering continued.

And then Kieran came.

I'd met Kieran once or twice before, but I'd never really talked to her.

She was short, and curvy. Even shorted than me, which is saying something. Her hair was a deep brown, highlighted and streaked with red and blonde. She was so pretty. . .

And high.

Lexxie and Trayana were with her. Smoking, of course. I could smell it from the twenty odd feet we stood from them.

I'd never smoked before, and didn't plan on doing it anytime soon. But if Kieran wanted to, that was fine with me.

I already had a sort of crush on Kieran. But when Claire leaned over and whispered that she liked me, too, things got a lot better.

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