The Lost Valor

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Valor

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014




Ten years ago:

It’s winter and winter in good ol’ California is always cold, however I wish it would snow but I don’t think that will ever happen here. But the worst about being here has to be the constant training my dad put me through. “Katarina! Put more force in your punches! It looks as if you were a 3 year old punching her old teddy bear because she got grounded!” My father, Darius Ornibus, shouted straight at me with beaming eyes of anger, and disappointment while holding the practice dummy in his hand,  “Dad! I’m only 6 years old! It’s not like I’m Kami! She’s 10 and can understand better than me papa!” I shouted straight back at him, with my hands at my side and clenched as if I was about to punch the dummy again. My sister Kamala Ornibus, who prefers to be called Kami, was only 10 but she understood and knew how to fight better than I ever did. I was only 6, but I also was a very stubborn child and I didn’t understand why my father put me in so much training. Day and night it was the same thing, kick this and hit that and punch both and so on.
“My little girl I know that this is very frustrating but you must understand this is for your own good, you will understand in the future why I put you through all this.” 
He said while he put the dummy on the floor and picks me up like he used to do before we started all this training. I hugged him pretending that he was about to leave me and would never come back; I hugged him as if it were my last time.
“Alright daddy, I guess I will try my best” I said 
“ For you I will do anything daddy.” I started sobbing a little bit, not because I didn’t want to train but for the reason being that I started remembering my mother, Eleanor Hitier. She died when I was just a baby and ever since or so Kami has told me, he just takes life too seriously. But for right now he was holding me, holding me like when I was a baby, with love and care. So what if my dad was a little serious, I don’t blame him. I never knew my mother but if I had I probably would never be the same as well.  That’s why I will do anything for my dad… and for my mom, if she was still here. I wipe my tears and pull away from my father’s embrace and look around our practice room. Everything is filled with weapons, except for one spot. Which holds a frame with a picture of my mother, when she was about 23 or so. She was so stunning, and then I glanced at my father and realized they were both so stunning. My father with his chocolate colored eyes and natural dark grayish hair, his best feature was his hair actually. Everyone asked me if my father was older than he looked, his hair could be a bit deceiving. However no, his hair has always been gray not light gray, but this unique dark gray that gives him this older sort of handsome charm. Then my mother with her long, curly dark brown hair and blue eyes, now her best feature was her chocolate brown curls. Kami came out a lot like my father. She had his dark grayish hair, so straight. She had mom’s blue eyes that looked like an ocean you just want to swim in. While I had my mother’s hair completely, and my father’s brown eyes, which glistened to a reddish color when my eyes were hit by a beam of sunlight. I look at my father once again and said,
 “Well let’s keep on training, if it’s for my own good.” My dad puts my down and hold up my hands clenched ready to punch the dummy, but this time I plan to hit it more powerful than a 3 year old.
3 Months ago: I was practicing with the daggers my dad had bought me for my 16th birthday. These daggers were a beauty; they had leather on the holder and had a design of a snake with a crystal in its mouth. Plus my initials were inscribed on the middle of the daggers K.O. I held the daggers in my hands and threw them at the human shaped boards with targets at the center of the stomach and at the top of the head. I usually hit dead center of the stomach each time, but I’m still working on hitting them on the center of the head. I’m usually one or two rings off from the target. I throw the first dagger and bam dead center of the stomach, and then I throw the second with more force than the first one and finally hit dead center of the head for once. I had more daggers but I didn’t feel like wasting my energy at the moment. So I stared at the boards and was silently cheering to myself, “Dad’s going to be so proud of me!” I felt like texting Kami, but I just remembered she was on a plane with dad on the way to Texas for a little investigating, they were both part of a secret agent company named the N.T.S.A., The National Traveling Secret Agency. Not many know about this agency since it is after all, a secret. Only selected people know, my father and sister are among them and soon I would be too, at least until I’m 17. When I was little I never understood why my father made me train so much, but I understand much clearly now. He has been training me since I was 6 and now he knows I’m ready to be a part of this agency. I smiled at the fact of joining the agency, I wish I had friends to confide in about this secret, but I have been homeschooled to this day. Only cause my father wanted to protect me from any danger that could occur. Until today, I wasn’t the one in danger. It was around 5:38 in the afternoon; my dad’s flight should be heading off by now. The phone rang and I ran to get it as soon as I picked up a man’s voice could be heard on the other end. “Hello Katarina” the voice spoke, “You’re almost turning 17 right?” I stayed silent not knowing whether to respond to this man’s rough and frightening voice. 
“Well no matter, I have a little birthday present for you, look outside then look up at the sky.” Helpless to avoid his invitation I looked outside and looked up, I see a plane heading over my house and within seconds the plane burst into flames. I cover my mouth with my hand in shock, while still keeping the phone to my ear. A thought crosses my head, 
“please tell me that’s not my father’s plane.” The voice began to speak again, “Did you like your surprise? Oh and just so you know your father and sister were on that plane, they died the same way your mother did. Shame isn’t it?” I started panicking and yelled into the phone, “Who are you?” I started crying and started looking around the room like a lost puppy that was just adopted from the shelter. 
“Oh don’t worry sweetheart, we will meet someday… but not anytime soon. Your time will come, but for now I want you to suffer. Hear that? Suffer! So long doll face”, then the husky man hung up, and I just threw the phone at the window.
 The window shattered into a million little sparkly crystals, and I stared at the reflection from the crystals and let the tears roll down my cheeks. I had nothing. Nothing left. My beloved sister, and charming father have both gone down. 
How long before I fall from my keep? I keep staring at my reflection from the crystals which such sadness, and confusion. However I wiped my tears and looked up at the sky, “No, father nor sister would want to see me like this. They don’t want me to break down. Father has trained me to suppress these moments.
Now that training has come to action, I must fulfill the revenge of my sister and dad’s death… and mom’s. I don’t know how long it’ll take but I swear I’m not giving up easily. I will avenge this day… always!” 
With that I walk off toward my room, not knowing where to start. But in my face, in my mind I had determination. I wasn’t going to let someone take my emotions and twist them to make me into a weakling. Every place has a start and it has a finish, I just have to try hard to find that start, because right now I’m at a dead end, or should I say dead start. My birthday is in 8 more months and then I’ll be 17, and I already got my first present that I wish I could return. No matter what I will find a way. I’m not afraid nor will I ever be.


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