The Vulnerable One

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Katarina and Ash finally start a life together that's all swell and sweet. But it never stays that long. Perfection is fought by the idea of being overrated at least in Katarina's world it is. She finally believes that life is back to normal, Gregeorio's death has brought back leave, but if it wasn't over? She is called back to action when a mysterious voice calls to take her child what will she do now? Her and the Three Musketeers must fight for their happiness once again. But what if this mystery is just too much to handle? Not only is Katarina in danger so might young Helena. Can they survive this? Or maybe they won't be able to survive the truth behind all these wrong doings.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The vulnerable one

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014



Everyone is peacefully sitting around the dinner table; laughing, and smiling. Except for me. I was impatient and nervous about the phone call I had received from what I assumed was Gregorio trying to threaten me, and to try and frighten me. He had succeeded. I looked at my loving family which such caution and worry that I could not even bring myself to smile. Danny with his long red hair, and beside him was his fiancée Genevieve. She was so pretty, her short black hair made her light green eyes stand out. Then I see Adam with his wife Lila, she was tall with long black hair that contained blonde highlights, which made her light brown eyes sparkle. Jerry was the only one in solitude. But he was as handsome as ever. Denver always looks the same, with his caring aura and his brown hair that seems to be growing a gray tint to it, and with him was Jennifer, her long blonde hair with her matching blue eyes. Such a lovely women for Denver. Helena with her blonde hair that flows as she runs around Jerry. And next to me, my wonderful husband Ash. His look never cease to put me breathless. His gorgeous green eyes that always make me go weak, and his dirty blonde hair that always flows to the side. He was one word: Beautiful. I still shift my weight back and forth uncertain of what face to put on. I wasn't happy, if anything I was worried as hell! What was I going to do now? Ash interrupts my thoughts by putting his arms around my waist and looking me in the eyes.
"What's wrong?" He asks. I reply, trying to hold in my anxiety.
"Nothing, everything is great." I say putting on a fake smile, but I can tell he wasn't buying it.
"Does it look like I was born yesterday? I know you. Come on tell me," he says with pleading eyes. I take his hand and drag him off inside the house into my old room. I look around to make sure no one was inside.
"He's back." Ash looks at me with a confused look.
"Gregorio," that name sends a chill down my spine.
"What? You have lost your mind," with that he starts walking away but I quickly grab his hand and pull him back. 
"Listen. Someone called and I answered. He was threatening to take our child, and it sounded a hell of a lot like Gregorio." That got his attention, he looks at the ground and out of nowhere he pulls me into his arms and hugs me. 
"He won't hurt you or Eleanor I promise" he whispers in my ear. With that he kisses my cheek and we walk out hand in hand to be back with the rest of the family, with fake smiles plastered on our faces. 

It was around 10 pm when we headed back home, I decided not to tell Denver anything in hope that I really was just losing my mind. I was sitting on our bed and stared at the wall, completely tranced with the idea that Gregorio might be alive. Ash comes in with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, since he hair came out of the shower, and sits by my side and holds my hand. 
"We are going to make it through. But first things first Denver has to know. He knows what to do in theses situations." 
"I know but I don't want to worry him. What if I really am losing my mind?" He smiles at me.
"You are not crazy." 
"You don't know that," he looks me in my eyes and says to me, 
"You are not crazy. You are just worried. You are a caring person, and you always know when danger is around. You are a sensor remember? You have that way of feeling when something's wrong or other sorts of emotions. Like when I almost died... You felt it and after that you remembered who you were and who I was. You remembered the love I professed and the love you too have professed to me. That's your strongest ability: love. It's not crazy, it's the thought of losing the people you love is what makes you think you're crazy. You are not going to lose us, my love. I will fight with you to the end. I would go through hell and back for you." I look at him and add.
"You did die. I almost couldn't save you if Gregorio didn't tell me what I was. I would've lost you." 
"Well I'm here now, because of you. I will never let anyone or anything hurt you. I love you Katarina Alden and our baby will have a strong mother." 
With that he kisses me deeply, I love him so much. I hope he's right. I hope I can fight this off. As long as he's by my side I know I can.

I wake up with a small pain in my stomach, I start groaning and moving around. I flutter my eyes open and hold my belly with my right hand and sit myself up with the left. That's when I feel the mattress all wet. I look down and see blood on the mattress, I start waking up Ash.
"Ash?" I say shaking him awake. 
"Ash wake up," and with that he opens his eyes and looks at me with concern.
"What's wrong my love?" 
"I'm bleeding," and with those 2 fright filled words, he gets up and we quickly head to a hospital hoping everything was ok. It wasn't. 

Ash comes to my side and holds my hand as we wait for the doctor's diagnosis. A tear ran down my face, and fear starts to make my body tremble. I have never been so afraid before, not even when Gregorio came for me. This was much worse. The doctor came in and told me the news. I wanted to fall down a cliff or close myself from the world. My world had come crashing down, it was now cloaked with a dark cloak, the cloak of anger and sadness. Nothing can compare to agony I felt. Something I loved has been taken from me once again. She's gone.


Why? Why did this have to happen to us? Haven't we suffered enough?! My mind swam into the sea of anger, and all I felt was the boiling of my happiness which was now evaporated into nothing. A tear ran down my cheek, and the year felt like acid staining my face. I looked at Arina's face and I could not bear to see her eyes swollen red with tears running down that beautiful face which used to contain a smile. I miss her smile now, the smile that lit up every room she walked in, now all I see is the disdain in her frown, which matched my expression. My world feels cut off, my heart has burst, and the sky has turned dark. Now I'm just hoping we can cope with another tragedy. Oh how I will miss my little bundle of joy. 

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