My Fan-Fiction Poem Collection: by K. W. Mullen

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These are the fan-fiction poems that I've written and posted on this site, so far, all piled up in one spot; per your convenience, hehe. ;)

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Why, Kenny? Why must you die? 23 Times!

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Why, Kenny? Why must you die? 23 Times!


Why, Kenny? Why must you die?


First killed by, the fallen MIR station

Then exploded from intense, planetarium demonstration


They killed you from the brown note

Through massive defecation

They even made you kill yourself

With autoerotic asphyxiation


Dragged by the wheelchair of Timmy

Then drowned in a puddle of pee

Cut in half by Kyle

To end the cursed zombie


Dismembered by football players

Choked by tether-ball layers

Flatened by an elevator

Electrocuted by generators


Pummeled with a dodgeball

Crushed by a stagelight, that just so happened to fall

Crushed by a giant "seven", instead of the New Year's Ball

Even had his body ruptured, thanks to rats that crawl


They switched his heart with a potato

And Ozzy bit off his head

Turned into a duckbilled platypus

Then shot, and ended up dead


You even got struck by lightning

And trampled by a theater crowd

From Satan's evil goldfish

By his doing, Kenny, even was drowned


Squashed by a cart containing underpants

Deep within the darkest mine

Even death, by Touch of Death

Why, Kenny? Why must you die?


That's why.

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