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I wanted to remind myself of the reason I even met this man, and yet at the same time it didn’t matter. All that really truly mattered was that moment, when the moonlight was shining through the window and the room was lit up in such a beautiful way that it almost made me want to cry.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath inwards, letting the moment fall on me like a light fluffy cloud. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sheets...

Submitted: May 06, 2014

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Chapter One

The strong smell of cologne still lingered on the soft white sheets that stuck to my body in ruffles of sweat and I let out a breath. The only sound was the soft snoring of the man who laid beside me, his arm wrapped around my waist tightly, possessively, perfectly.

I wanted to remind myself of the reason I even met this man, and yet at the same time it didn’t matter. All that really truly mattered was that moment, when the moonlight was shining through the window and the room was lit up in such a beautiful way that it almost made me want to cry.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath inwards, letting the moment fall on my light a fluffy cloud. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…



2 months earlier.

I stepped slowly, trying to get across the dark damp paved parking lot of the 7 story Mirlast office building with a stack of 300 polymailers in my arms and a half full star bucks coffee balancing on them. The darkness of the early morning was hardly lit by the dim lights that gave a soft glare from the front doors of the building and there wasn’t much light shining through the dark windows, yet I knew almost everyone would already be there.


It seemed like only yesterday I was 17 years old, walking to school in old sneakers, half done homework, and not worrying about being late or if anyone cared about me. Now, 4 years later I was showing up at work at 6 in the morning, twice cleaned heels, bringing in polymailers for the level 1 advertising department and worried out of my mind if they would be good enough…


Those twice cleaned heels clicked against the ground and I sighed when I was finally at the metal door, the sky turning a little bit lighter blue. My breath puffed out my cheeks when I realized I had no way to open the door, I took a step back staring at the door for several moments, pondering my own sanity…


My head turned to the right to see if anyone else was on there way to the door…no luck. I sighed and arched my back listening to the sound of cars on the road behind me.  

Before I even felt the gust of wind which blew my dark knee length skirt up about a foot, I heard the voice of Henry Nelson asking me if I needed some help.

He chuckled at the blush that rushed over my face as my skirt slowly flowed back downwards and I wished I had worn slacks….


“No need to be embarrassed.” He said raising his hands a little and reached in front of me to open the door, his green eyes showing that he wasn’t going to mention the incident to anyone.

I sighed, nodded and stepped into the building, blinking at the brightness that was suddenly blinding my topaz colored eyes.


After a moment, I was able to walk up to the front desk where Julia the blonde receptionist was typing on the computer, already busy and preoccupied with appointment calls.

“These.. Are for advert level 1.” I said and realized how out of breath I was as I careful set the mailers down on the counter and got my coffee before it tipped over. Julia blinked vastly for a second but then nodded, writing a note and sticking it on top of the mailers. I rolled my eyes, wishing she would at least have the respect to talk to me, or nod at me. Anything.



As I turned around I could no longer see Henry anywhere on the first floor and I wondered if he really was going to keep the embarrassing skirt accident to himself, or if I would hear about it by the time I got up to the 4th floor…

I smiled a little to myself, I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, maybe then people would see I’m just a person, and I’m not perfect, I can be funny. Mainly clumsy, but funny.


“Stella!” A voice said as I was getting on the elevator and I touched my hands to the doors to keep them open so that Margret could run in and click the 4th floor button.


“Morning Margret.” I smiled at her and took a sip from my coffee that had gone cold, making a face, as if this morning could get any more annoying….


“You seem a little off.” She said tilting her head and sipping her own steaming cup of coffee.


“Oh, I’m alright. Just cold coffee, but I can always get some more when I get to the floor.”


Margret nodded and I could sense her about to try and start up another conversation with me, which I would’ve said wasn’t such a bad thing. But she seemed to think, I placed myself in a high manner, once which she needed to impress upon.


In other words, I am a bitch.


Not in an upset and ill manner, but in a “She‘s Ms. Stella Forleen. We must do everything we can to keep her happy and tiptoe around her with every gentleness.”


“How is Mr. Mirlast?”


I hadn’t expected her to ask this question, but after a second I realized she wasn’t really asking about him, but rather, us.


Tyler Mirlast Jr.


The co owner of Mirlast INC.


The biggest suit designers and manufactures in the United States and United Kingdom.


He was fairly descent when it came to getting his business done, making the money, meetings and expectations his father Steven pressed upon him. He was by far a better business man than his older brother James who had been kicked out of the company months before.

But, Tyler was more than just the Mirlast name, he was also my boyfriend.

Even though that word didn’t seem to do it for me, there wasn’t really a word that summed everything up. Perhaps one day, I’d be able to tell people Tyler is my husband…



“He is doing good. We are doing good, busy as usual though.”


I could tell by the look in her brown eyes that this answer was no where near good enough for her. I wasn’t blaming her though. What women wouldn’t want to hear juicy details straight from the lips of the woman dating Mr. Tyler Mirlast, the handsome 25 year old millionaire who owned his suits like he was born in them.

“Isn‘t this your floor?” I asked when the elevator stopped at the 3rd floor.


“Oh yes… Have a good day.”


Smiling at her, I watched her walk out and the shiny metal doors closing. When I was finally alone I let out a long sigh, knowing I was only a floor away from having to put on a, lets get to work face, and my long day would officially begin.



It wasn’t that I didn’t like my job, although I wasn’t exactly sure what my job was, besides manager of the fourth floor, graphic design. I would say I didn’t do much, but that would be a lie. Reading over every single design, description, marking errors and adding opinions was a lot of work, and while sometimes I just glanced and tossed some aside, most of the time I tried to be as honest as possible.



I looked down at my cold coffee before the doors reopened at my floor and I stepped out into the buzzing air. A few head turned to look at me and I planted a smile onto my face as my hips swung gently side to side.

“Good morning Ms. Forleen.”


“Good morning Jacobs.” I said in a ‘can do’ boss voice before tossing my foam cup into a trash can and starting over to the coffee and snacks room.


“Already got it Ms. Forleen.” The round face of Wayne Jacobs popped back up in front of me, with a ceramic mug filled with light brown coffee, creamer swirling around in it like ripples in a river, the steam floating up into my face, making my mascara wet a bit.


“Thank you!” I was actually happy for about 3 seconds, as I took the mug and looked at him like he was the best part of my entire morning when actually it was just the coffee.
“You‘re welcome.” He grinned.


Wayne Jacobs had been working on the fourth floor only for a few months, and at 20 he still had a bit of his baby fat lingering, but it suited him. A few people were calling him a suck up, but to me, he was often my coffee and snack savior.


“Get back to work now Jacobs.” I said sternly but with a smile on my face and he laughed nodding at me with a serious face before sliding on behind me and to his desk.



Closing my eyes, I inhaled the smell of the sweet treat in my mug and decided I didn’t want to wait to take a sip. The coffee burned my upper lip with a temporary sting, but I still smiled as the hot flowed down my throat. After a moment of being completely lost in my coffee, I turned and headed for my office.




The golden sign with my name carved in black bold letters, made me feel happy and flustered all at the same time. When I got into my office, I set the mug down and flipped on the light as the outside was just starting to get brighter with the rising sun. I pulled off my jacket and check the buttons on my white long sleeve shirt, placing the jacket on the back of chair.


“Okay, business time.” I mumbled and took a breath. My windows laptop was sitting closed on my dark brown cliché desk, with a pencil and pen holder next to it, and a stack of papers I had been lucky to finish the night before.



Running a hand through my chocolate hair, I was trying to figure out where to go and what to work on first….




The morning had consisted of going through another pile of reports on the designs I had tossed because of low consumer interest. Those were the worst to go through a second time, there was always questions about ‘what if I changed…’.. I wasn’t going to be upset with my workers, I understood that it was frustrating when there designs got tossed, and they didn’t want to start all over again, they wanted to fix it. But I have repeated a million times, it will be better if you start over and rethink all of your ideas as a whole. They apparently didn’t like that idea…


My eyes floated across my office and I decided it was time to get out and go for a little walk, but before I could stand up all the way, I could practically hear the female heads on my floor bobble upwards and panties hit the floor.



I walked out of my office to see all eyes on my boyfriend, who on this particular day had decided to leave his jacket somewhere else and his blue button up shirt was tucked into his pants with a slight wrinkle flowing upwards. As soon as his eyes reached me, a grin spread across his face.


“Good afternoon Ms. Forleen.” He said, stopping in front of me.


He had only gotten to the office two hours after me, when I left home he was still fast asleep, lucky him, being the owner of the business he could pretty much show up whenever he wanted as long as he wasn’t missing any meetings.

I knew he felt weird about not showing up the same time as me, and walking me inside, but I had explained to him thousands of times I was fine with it.


“Hello Mr. Mirlast.” I smiled and brushed a lock of hair behind my shoulder.


All eyes were stilled locked on not only Tyler but me as well and I turned around for a second.


“Get back to work, nothing to be seen here…” Trying to keep a smile on my face, I looked back at Tyler who I could see was getting impatient with the formal talk and I led him into my office before closing the door.

“Hi.” He said greeting me again but with a different look in his eyes and a tug on my waist.



I giggled a little bit and wrapped my arms around his neck, letting him lead me to where I was pressed up against his chest, the heels I was wearing making me taller than I would have liked to be.

“I was hoping to take you out for lunch.”


“It‘s already 2.” I looked at him with a little smile, knowing he had something else up his sleeve.


“Well, then how about I just take you off of work early.”


“What do you suggest we do?”


He smiled and pressed his lips against my crimson lipstick covered ones and ran his hand up and down my back gently, causing me to shiver.


“Oh… I have ideas… But, first off, we should definitely get something to eat.”


“You sure that‘s what you want to do first?” I asked, smirking at him tightening my arms around his neck…


I gasped a little bit when in two quick movements he lifted me up, set my bottom on my desk and ran his hands up my thighs under my skirt, pressed his warm lips against my cheek.




He then laughed and pulled away from me, my face flushed and I frowned, laughing at the same time.

“You‘re so bad.” I stood up pulling my skirt down, walking over and shutting off my computer before grabbing my jacket.


“So, where should we go? Mister sexy boss man.”


He smirked and put his hands in his pockets.


I could definitely tell, it was going to be a day and an even better night….




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