Dreamer Ch. 1

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Ava has to fight to accoplish her dream after her dad's death and moving to a bad neighbor hood '

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dreamer Ch. 1

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




As I sat in boredom in 5th period Spanish I was awakened when I was called to the office. It was probably nothing, but for some reason I always got butterflies in my stomach when the school office called me. I grabbed my books from beneath my chair and made my was down the hall walking quickly. I placed my books on the ledge and oped looked through the widow seeing my sister ______ sitting waiting for me. Why was she here? I opened the door and sat down next to her. She looked at me and grinned.

"What is going on?" I asked her. 

 She shrugged. Then the secretary called us over and led us to the councilor's room. What? It must be something about Meredith's eating disorder I thought. Meredith was fully recovered now but the past year was a struggle putting her in the hospital for a month. I have had to go to concealing  with her on how out family needs to support Meredith through this. I looked at her why I felt my eyes sting reading to cry any moment. I never thought that Meredith having a eating disorder would effect me so much but for hours I would sit in my room crying. I'm not sure if I cried in fear or anger but during that time I realized just how important Meredith was to me. Sometimes we just don't realize what we have until its gone. Meredith was close to death several times so having to experience that again would be horrible. Meredith knew what I was thinking and shook her head no. 

 As we sat down I knew something was horribly wrong because of the silence in the room. The secretary walked out of the room shutting the door as quietly as she could behind her. At her dest was Mrs. Burnside. She sat silently as she looked and her dest avoiding eye contact. Finally after a few deadly silent seconds she took a deep breath and addressed my sister and I.

 "Meredith, Ava, something terrible has happened to your father.

 I looked at the ground. What had happened? My dad had been away on a business trip in Chicago since Monday. Two days had passed since he left. Two days since I had told him I loved him. 

She took a deep breath and began explaining.

" Well, your father has been," she didn't continue by the quiet and painful tone in her voice, " he was a victim of a murder. I am so sorry." She tried to continue to explain but mine and Meredith's cries stopped her. I tried t be strong, I tried to hold it in, but how could I? A couple tears ran down my face. I wiped my cheeks, but then I began bawling uncontrollably. I covered my face with my  shaking hands. I let out a few  "No s" but I knew their was nothing I could do about it. Meredith came and hugged me. We didn't let go of each other, but only hugging and sobbing harder and louder. I have never felt this horrible before. During Meredith's troubles I was crying in fear of her not being ok, but hope always made everything ok. Now their was no hope. My dad had died. The one man I could always rely on. My protector of bad dreams. In his arms nothing could hurt me. When ever I was sad he always made me laugh when I tried hard not to. He guided me to be the young woman I am growing up to be. He was everything to me. When I was little he would be my knight in shining armor who would rescue me from the top of the tower, which was the top bunk bed. He always encouraged me to fulfill my dreams. When everyone told me when I was 5 that you can't grow up and be a princess he told me, "All things are possible for those who believe. I will always believe in you, but remember to believe in yourself." I thought that I would never stop crying. The councilor walked over and patted me on my shoulder. Meredith and I stood up still crying uncontrollably. I knew that I needed to be strong. I squeezed my eyes shut not letting another tear escape. Then I grabbed a tissue and patted my face dry. Meredith was still crying, so then I grabbed her hand. I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back tighter. i looked at her and told her I loved her. I closed my eyes and told my dad that I loved him. We followed Mrs. Burnside out of the door she was silent as she had been the whole time of my sister and I crying. My mom sat in the chair that I had just minutes before. She was quiet and her eyes meet mine. I could tell that she had been crying for quite some time now, but she wouldn't cry in front of us. She was the strongest woman I knew. She held in her tears just as I was. We all hugged each other tightly not letting go. No one spoke. We walked out of school leaving all our things behind. Once we reached our car I sat in shotgun while Meredith climbed in the back. My mom drove slowly home and no one said a word.

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