Chase of the Demon

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chase of the Demon

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012




I was lying in my bed trying to sleep when I heard a knock on my apartment door. I turned over to face away from the door, pretending I was asleep so I didn't have to answer it.  Then the knocking stopped. I let out a slight breathe of relief as my body began to relax once more.

The door blew inwards, shattering to pieces and battering the wall. Two huge cloaked men who were twice the size of an ordinary man walked in, one after the other. Their footsteps sounded heavy, the sound of authority and heavily armored boots.  

One of them walked up to my bed, ripped the covers off, and grabbed me by the collar. He drew me up so our faces met. He spoke two words, menacing and deep: "Where's Lexi."

"W-who?" I stammered. It was too dark to see his face, but his eyes glowed blood red.

"He doesn't know her by that name," the other dark figure said.

The one holding me replied to his friend without taking his eyes off of me. "He will when I'm done with him."

"Don't attract any more attention then we already have. They will be on us soon, Mao," his friend said.

Mao's eyes grew a darker shade of red and I got a sense of dread. "Do you not understand the gravity of what's going on, Sven?" Mao said, his grip tightening on my collar.

"Yes, but apparently you don't. If we attract the scouts now then they will report our position. Once they have our position there is nothing we can do except for hide and hope that they don't find us. Do you remember the last time they found us? We lost half of our group," Sven said in a calm and solemn tone.

Mao released his grip on my shirt and I fell to the floor hard and landed awkwardly on my feet, causing me to tumble backwards. Until he released me I didn't even realize that he had been lifting me up so high. From the ground, though, they looked even more menacing.

"So what would you have us do?" Mao asked sharply, turning his body and attention to Sven.

"He obviously doesn't know the girl by her pseudonym. Perhaps we should give him another name?" Sven said simply.

Mao glared at Sven. "Very well." He turned back to me and walked closer so that he was at my side. His eyes stared down at me and I began to feel pressure in the back of my mind.

"Moa!" Sven snapped. Mao blinked and seemed a bit taken back, and the pressure faded. "I told you we need to be discreet!"

"We don't have the time, nor do I have the patience!" Mao snapped back.

"Then let me handle this, you go take watch," Sven said, pushing past Mao.

"Fine," Mao snorted and walked out of the room.

Sven let out a barely audible sigh and shook his head slightly. "I am sorry about my friend," he said turning towards me. Before I could answer he continued. "I know you don't know what's going on but you need to trust us. We are looking for a girl, her real name is unknown. She goes by the pseudonym of Lexi, Lady Lexi to be exact."

"You're sorry? You break down the door to my apartment, probably woke up everyone in my building, dragged me from my bed, and you're sorry?" I said, growing angry. I wanted to stand, but for some reason I didn't have the energy to.

"This will go smoother if you don't talk. There isn't much time. I need you to find Lady Lexi. Her last known location was Huntington, Texas," Sven said.

"If you know where she is then why don't you go after her?" I asked in a hostile tone.

Sven sighed. "I see this won't happen without you asking questions. If you must know she is getting, or has already gotten, a group together. We don't know how close she is to getting this group. She is planning on taking the Society by storm. After she gets into the Court she can access the weapons we have stored in the Armory. Then even our best won't be able to stop her. And I can see where your next question will go, 'why don't we use the weapons for ourselves?'" I simply nodded.

"Well the Society doesn't believe our reports, they think we are paranoid. There aren't many of us but those who believe Lexi is planning to overthrow us formed groups. We are working together to track her down and eliminate her. We can't seem to get a trace on her and whenever we use our Kraft it opens a door for her scouts to find us. Once they find us they come out of nowhere and ambush us. We've lost too many of our members to Lexi's goons. If you will not tell us, I will have Mao use his Kraft to infiltrate your mind and retrieve it by any means. I'm sorry but the longer we are here the more dangerous it becomes."

There was a loud crash that cut Sven off, and then there was pounding as Mao burst back into the room. "We need to go, now!" Mao yelled.

Sven turned to look at Mao and then looked back at me with wide eyes. "You must come with us, or else you will die here tonight."

"B-," I started to say but Mao cut me off.

"There is no time to argue!" Mao shouted. He pushed past Sven, grabbed me, and threw me onto his shoulders. He then grabbed onto Sven's shoulder and yelled, "Now Sven!"

The last thing I remember was some kind of orb that swirled of purple and black color coming at me. Right before it hit I blacked out.

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