The Division

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Two tribes occupy a valley. How long can the peace be kept between them?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Division

Submitted: March 31, 2012

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Submitted: March 31, 2012




Not many people know much about the Valley of Nenoir. Scholars and monks have passed it for decades without even knowing. People were ignorant to what was really going on behind the mountains. However, the tribes people of the Valley of Nenoir knew very well that there was life beyond their valley. They also knew that no one had any idea that they were there and that is the way they liked it. They would sooner die than let the outside world know about the Valley of Nenoir. 

Two tribes in this valley worked as if there were one. That was some time ago. One of the seers in this tribe spoke of the resources in the valley running low. She spoke of having to  take belongings and travel to the land of the other worlders. No one liked this idea but some hated it more than others. A lot of the people got over their fussing about staying in the land of their father's and accepted the inevitable. 

It wasn't long before the division became more serious. People who accepted the change were known as The Deserters while the people who wanted to keep to their old ways were known as The Idiots. Why such a name you might ask? Quite simple really. There was a speach givin by the tribe leader of The Idiots to try and raise morale and spirits. Well his speach went a little like this; "If being idiots means that we want to keep the freedom and loving home as our ancestors then idiots we shall be!" Not the smartest choice of words if you ask me. 

Now the two tribes still lived together in the same community while all this was going on. They just rarely spoke to one another and when they did it was the occasional, "Watch where you're going!" or "Shove it in your cram whole!". Vulgar stuff. It wasnt until Samantha, or Sam for short, crossed the line, accidentally of course. 

Sam had just turned 18 and was going to undergo her Right to Womanhood. It's a big ceremony where she goes out in the forest and earns a tribal name that will be carried on with her and her future generations for centuries to come. Both tribes got together and danced and celebrated. There was no words spoken between the two but they were there at the bonfire which was all that was needed for the ceremony to begin. Anyway, Sam grabbed her bow and sheathed her knife and started towards the woods. Before I tell you this next part I feel obligated to tell you that Sam isn't what you would call level headed. She has a wicked temper and she has been especially on edge ever since this blasted feud. 

"Hey little lady, why don't you grab me and my boys here some more meat," the drunk man slurred his words as he spoke them. 

Sam turned around and looked at the drunk man. He had a wicked, uneven, grin on his face while his buddies around him laughed. "Are you talking to me?" Sam demanded in a tone full of fire.

"Is there any other women around not doing their job?" the drunk slurred.

"And what job would that me?" Sam almost shouted.

"Well makin us men food of course. Your job is in the kitchen, not out in the woods. What are you going to do out there? You are going to hurt yourself and us men will have to fetch you," the drunk burped out in between hiccups.

Fire burned in Sam's eyes as she nocked an arrow. The man only briefly stopped laughing to take a drink from his mug of beer and thats when Sam let arrow fly. It shot straight into the bottom end of the cupand stopped just short of the drunk's lips. 

The drunk shuddered as he lowered his mug and looked cow eyed at the now grinning Sam. "So this is what it comes to? Idiots! The time for separation has begun! We leave now! Gather your belongings! We meet in the Forlorn Caves tonight!" he shouted around him. He glared at Sam. "You don't know what you have just started here." The drunken tribe leader of The Idiots turned around and staggered towards the woods, following a lot of other people. 

By the end of the night there was only have the village left. No one spoke. Families were torn apart for the beliefs that they shared. Some people stared at Sam as they shuffled by before turning their eyes to the dirt once more.

Sam let out a sigh as she threw her bow to the ground.

"Don't be so hard on yourself my child," an old womens voice came from behind Sam.

Sam turned around to see the seer holding up her bow to her. She reached out and gently took it back from the seer.

"I didn't mean to cause this big of a mess. I knew the split was comming I just didn't know i would be the cause of it," Sam told the seer, her eyes to the ground.

The seer placed a finger on Sam's chin and lifted it up. "My child do not feel down. You said it yourself that this was coming. I am afraid you are the only one who could have forseen that. Everyone else wanted to believe it would all be worked out."

Sam sighed. "I guess. Things are changing too much all of a sudden. I didn't even get to go on my quest to become a woman. Now I will be a child forever," Sam said, kicking the dirt.

"Samantha Granyeigh you are not a child. Why I think you completed your quest faster than anyone ever has," the seer said. Samantha looked intently at the seer. "The way you stood up to that man was pure warrior spirit. Why in fact I would be honored to grant you the name of Samantha Eagle Eye. For you saw what no one else could and acted as no one else would. You are the truth that shines in our darkest time. You are truly different than anyone else here. You try your hardest to prevent change yet when its presented to you with no way of working around it you make do with your resources around you. You are truly a remarkable woman," the seer said, smiling at Sam and Sam smiled back.

Sam enveloped the seer in a big hug and let her go as quickly as she had hugged her. "Sorry, it was in the moment."

The seer chuckled. "No worries my child everything is going to work out just fine."


And there you have it. That is how the Valley of Nenoir had its second tribe. The story goes on of course but with different beginnings and different endings.

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