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I need to see Emily. I have to tell her about Michael. She has been my best friend since year 4 and we are in year 10 so i guess that means that we have been friends for 6 years.... Right now I'm heading to her place. Her name is Emily Barton and she has long blonde hair with blue eyes and a striking figure. I step up to her front door and knock.... The door opens. 'Hey Amy!' 'Hey gorgeous'I reply. 'We need to talk.' I stated. 'Oh no, what's happened?.' She asked looking worried. 'We can't talk here, we need to go to your room...' I stated.'You know where it is, lets go' She replied sarcasticly. So we walk up to her room and sit on her bed. 'So what was it you need to tell me?' She asked. 'I think I'm in love with Michael....' I reply. She just sat there staring at me... 'I do need you to talk not just stare at me like your frozen in place...' 'Oh sorry, come on we'll go for a walk...' She replied looking freaked out. So we go downsatirs and out the front door. And start walking down the sidewalk. Just then our nemisis Chloe Mitchell walked by and Emilywhispered to me'If she bounces her boobs anymore they're gonna bounce back up and hit her in the face!' And we both just crack up laughing. 'So... About Michael....' She said. 'That is so awesome!' She exclaimed suddenly. And I just stand there dombfounded because back in the house she was staring at me looking like she wanted to scream. Now shes congratulating me? 'I have to get you two together!' 'But how do you know he likes me?' 'Because I've seen him staring at you!' She exclaimed. 'That doesn't mean anything.' I replied. 'It does in our world babe.' She stated looking excited. "Oh man what have I got myself into..."

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