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I am such an idiot! How can I tell her tonight? She'll never say yes. I kept thinking about it all that day and as soon as the bellI grabbed my bag and as soon as I was out of sight I ran as fast asI could.I ran all the way home and stopped at my door... I opened the door and standing right there talking to my mum was Amy's mum. They always chat with each other because they work together. I tried to sneak past but mum saw me. 'How was your day Hun?' She asked. 'Yeah, boring as always, but at least I have no homework.' 'It may be boring but it will pay off one day.' She stated. 'Yeah, listen can I meet the guys at the school tonight at five o'clock?’ ‘ Um… Yeah you should be able to as long as you bring the washing in. And be home by seven.’ ‘No problem.’ I walked up to my room and sat on my bed… "How am I going to do this…?"

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