Polo & The Gang

Book by: Kris Adams


Polo, Crander, and Vaker live in Pittsburg.

Chapter14 (v.1) - Tyler's Dancing Spirit

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 07, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 07, 2013



Tyler's Dancing Spirit:

Polo: Wow, way to go Tyler.

Tyler: Thanks my dancing always keeps me groovin.

Vaker: And how.

Tyler: So, whatcha ya guys doin.

Polo: Oh, were just thinking of a way to make a great party.

Tyler: A PARTY! WOW!

Tyler: You know what would be great for a party.

Polo: Balloons.

Tyler: No.

Polo: Streamers.

Tyler: No.

Polo: Cake.


Polo: Oh yeah, right, the fourth best thing in a party, Tyler, you're a genius.

Tyler: Why thank you.

Polo: So, for Crander's birthday party, dancing.

Tyler: Crander's birthday party, eh.

Polo: Yeah, haven't I told you.

Tyler: No you haven't.

Polo: Huh, well I told Vaker, I guess I just forgot about you, you still are very new here.

Tyler: Yeah, you do make a good point.

Polo: Hmm, well, anyway, yeah, we'll go with your plan, dancing, I'm sure Crander would love that.

Tyler: Hey, where is Crander anyways.

Polo: Oh yeah, right, he's out at the pool right now.

Tyler: So, is this gonna be a surprise party.

Polo: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Polo: Do you have any other plans besides dancing.

Tyler: Well I could perform YMCA.

Polo: Too expensive, anything else.

Tyler: Well, we could have a big movie night after the party.

Polo: Hmm, okay, great idea.

Tyler: Why, thank you.

Polo: Say, Tyler, could you get the streamers, Vaker's too busy getting the balloons.

Tyler: Streamers??

Polo: Yeah, the streamers.

Tyler: Sure.

Cues Song

Tyler: I'm getting streamers, streamers.

Ends Song

Tyler: Ah, here we are, the streamer store.

Tyler: I wonder which would be good, red or blue streamers.

Tyler: I'll pick the blue.

Cashier: Okay, that'll be $15.00

Tyler: Huh, here you go.

Cashier: What about my tip.

Tyler: O-O, okay, here's 25cents.

Cashier: Thank you.

Tyler: You're welcome.

Tyler: Yes, finally, I'm done.

Polo: Finally, you're back.

Polo: Did you get the streamers.

Tyler: Yes, yes I did.

Tyler: (Gives bag of streamers).

Polo: Thank you.

Polo: Now where is Vaker with those balloons.

Vaker: Hey here are the balloons, sorry I took so long.

Polo: Okay, now we got everything, the cake, the balloons, and the streamers.

Polo: Now let's set this party up.

Polo: Vaker, blow those balloons.

Vaker: Okay.

Polo: Now, Tyler, put up the streamers.

Tyler: Okay.

Polo: Now all's I have to do is take the cake from the fridge.

Polo: Ah, here we go.

Vaker: Wow, chocolate, Crander's favorite.

Polo: Yup.

Polo: Now that the party is set up, Vaker, get Crander.

Vaker: Okay.

Crander: So where are we going.

Vaker: You'll see.

Crander: Okay.

Vaker: Remember when we first became friends.

Crander: Yup


Vaker: So, you wanna become friends.

Crander: Yup.


Vaker: Ah, good times.

Vaker: Anyways, Crander, gotta go.

Crander: Okay.

Polo: Good you're here, is Crander coming?

Vaker: Yup.

Crander: Now why are the lights off.

Crander: (Turns lights on)

Polo, Vaker, & Tyler: SURPRISE.

Crander: Why thank you, you guys are the greatest.

Polo, Vaker, & Tyler: Anytime, Crander.

Polo: So, on to the first thing, dancing, Tyler planned it.


Tyler: You're welcome.


Polo: Happy birthday, dear Crander, happy birthday to you, now blow the candles.

Crander: (Blows Candles)

Polo, Vaker, & Tyler: Now, who's up for some movies.

Crander: Me.


Crander: Thanks for the gifts, cake, the dancing, everything.

Polo, Vaker, & Tyler: You're welcome, Crander.


© Copyright 2017 Kris Adams. All rights reserved.

Polo & The Gang

Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Polo, Crander, and Vaker live in Pittsburg.
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