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Ollyoxenfree, Andre, and Fruity go on several adventures with their imagination.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - SMV Babies

Submitted: September 07, 2013

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Submitted: September 07, 2013



SMV Babies:
Ollyoxenfree: Huh, time for breakfast.

Andre: Yup.

Fruity: Yup.


Ollyoxenfree: MMM, that was good, now let's use our imaginations.

Andre: Okay.

Fruity: Okay.

Ollyoxenfree: All righty then, what should we use our imaginations for.

Andre: Hmm, ah I know, we could imagine our selfs in PB&J Otter.

Ollyoxenfree: Okay.

Fruity: All righty, we gotta do a noodle dance, and pronto.

Andre: I'll use my noodle, but I'm not dancing.

Ollyoxenfree: Noodle, noodle.

Noodle, use your noodle, do the noodle dance, dancing dancing use your mind, use your noodle use your mind.

Fruity: I've got it.

Andre: What do you got, Jelly.

Fruity: Well, we'll use a rocketship to get really high.

Andre: But how do we do that, we don't have a rocketship.

Fruity: Then we'll use our imaginations.

Andre: Okay.

Fruity: Ah, yes, a rocketship.

Andre: Okay, now how do we fly it.

Fruity: We, push this green button.

Andre: Okay.

Fruity: YAY! were flying.

Ollyoxenfree: Moon moon, fly moon.

Andre: I think he wants us to fly to the moon.

Fruity: All righty, then, to the moon.

Andre: Yay, were at the moon, now how do we get back.

Fruity: We'll push the blue button.

Andre: Yay, were back on earth.

Ollyoxenfree: Yup.

Ollyoxenfree: Finally, were done.

Fruity: Yup, I can stop being Jelly Otter.

Andre: And I can stop being Peanut Otter.


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