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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Triplets Big Adventure

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



The Triplets Big Adventure:

Ollyoxenfree: Bye, Mom were going to the mountains.

Bonnie: Well, don't get too far.
Andre: Okay, Mom.

Andre: So, are we really going to the mountains.

Ollyoxenfree: Nope, were just going to imagine it.

Fruity: Okay.

Imagines going to mountains

Ollyoxenfree: We're in the mountains, YAY!

Andre: Yup, not too bad.

Fruity: So what do we do now.

Ollyoxenfree: I think we supposed to climb up them.

Andre: Okay, but how are we gonna do that, were so small, and that mountain's so big.

Ollyoxenfree: Hey, it does make climbing for a few hours.

Fruity: Okay, let's do it

Sandy: Hey, what are you babies doing.

Ollyoxenfree: Climbing a Mountain, of course.

Sandy: That's not a mountain, that a tree.

Ollyoxenfree: Well, it's a pretend mountain.

Sandy: FINE!

Ollyoxenfree: Little know it all.

Andre: (Rolls eyes) do not even get me started.

Fruity: Let's just climb up that mountain.

Ollyoxenfree: Ready, Set...... GO!

Climbs mountain

A few hours later

Ollyoxenfree: YAY! we did it.

Fruity: Yup, you can say that again.

Ollyoxenfree: YAY! We di-

Fruity: It was a joke.

Ollyoxenfree: Okay.

Andre: So, what should we do tommorow, Ollyoxenfree.

Ollyoxenfree: Well, I say we fly a kite tommorow.

Fruity: How do you know it's going to be windy tommorow.

Ollyoxenfree: Because when I was with my mom I managed to see the weather calander that Mom keeps.

Fruity: You mean the one that hints every day of weather.

Ollyoxenfree: Yup.


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