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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Gimme Some Sugar

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



Gimme Some Sugar:
Mr. Turtle: Marco, who's that.

Marco: That's Sugar, she recently moved in.

Mr. Turtle: Sugar's the name, I love her already.

Marco: Wait, you love her.

Mr. Turtle: Yes, I love her, why.

Marco: Oh I just wondered.

Mr. Turtle: Oh, okay.

Mr. Turtle: Marco, how old is she.

Marco: She's 28.

Mr. Turtle: Wait, she's the same age is me.

Marco: Yeah, now that I think about it, I think you two would be perfect with each other.

Mr. Turtle: You do.

Marco: Yeah.

Mr. Turtle: So, what should I do.

Marco: I'd say to slowly before going to the big talk like Gimme Some Sugar.

Marco: I'd say you should wait a little bit, but then again, there is love at first sight, so it could be the same for Sugar, but you never know.

Marco: Alls I can say, go up to her and you'll find out.

Mr. Turtle: Okay.

Mr. Turtle: Hey, Baby.

Sugar: <3

Sugar: Who are you, handsome.

Mr. Turtle: I'm Standby Turtle.

Sugar: Standby, that's a great name.

Mr. Turtle: Thank you, uh, do you wanna go out on a date.

Sugar: Sure, here's my number.

Mr. Turtle: Thank you.

Sugar: You're welcome.

Mr. Turtle: She gave me her number.

Marco: Yup, and I think she has a crush on you too.

Mr. Turtle: How can you tell.

Marco: Just the look on her face at times.

Mr. Turtle: Oh well, I didn't know.

Marco: You'll find out later on.

Marco: Just arrange a date.

Mr. Turtle: I think I'll arrange the date right now.

Mr. Turtle calls Sugar

Sugar: Hello.

Mr. Turtle: Hi Sugar, It's me, Standby.

Sugar: Oh hey, Standby.

Mr. Turtle: So what's a good time for you to go on a date.

Sugar: Anytime is good, to be honest.

Mr. Turtle: Okay, so is Tonight good.

Sugar: Hmmm, let me check my schedule.

Sugar: Hmmm, uh huh, look good.

Sugar: Sure, I'll arrange it tonight.

Mr. Turtle: Really.

Sugar: Sure, anything for a boyfriend.

Mr. Turtle: <3

Mr. Turtle: Anywho, see you tonight.

Sugar: See ya.

Mr. Turtle: Marco, come here.

Marco: What is it, Boss.

Mr. Turtle: Sugar called me her boyfriend.

Marco: Yup, I knew it, you both have Love At First Sight.

Mr. Turtle: What does that mean.

Marco: It means that you and her both have a crush.

Mr. Turtle: Really.

Marco: Yup, and it seems likely that she'll marry you fast.
Mr. Turtle: Wow, I don't know what to say.

Marco: You don't have to say anything, just go to her.

Mr. Turtle: Okay.

Mr. Turtle: Everybody, you're getting off early, exept for you Marco, you're gonna help me.

Marco: Okay, so what I do.

Mr. Turtle: You're gonna help me, when I get to my house.

Marco: Okay.

Marco goes to Mr. Turtle's house

Mr. Turtle: Coming!

Mr. Turtle: Oh, hey Marco.

Marco: Hey boss, now would you like to assist you with.

Mr. Turtle: Oh just girl stuff.

Marco: Okay, sure.

Marco: If she goes to kiss you, kiss her also.

24 Minutes Later

Marco: And then when she does the You-Know-Wha-

Mr. Turtle: Gotta go, Marco, thanks for the advise, oh, and you're getting a promotion tommorow.

Marco: Thank you, and see ya tommorrow.

Marco: I hope he meant that litterly.

Mr. Turtle: Hi Sugar.

Sugar: Hey Standby.

2 hours later

Sugar: So Standby, wanna kiss me.

Mr. Turtle: Sure.

Standby and Sugar kiss

Tommorow comes

Mr. Turtle: Marco, here's the promotion for helping me with a lot I need to know.

Marco: Thank you.


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