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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Candy's Crush

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



Candy's Crush:
Candy: <3

Marco: Candy, do you have a crush on that guy.

Candy: Yes, yes I do.

Marco: Well, do you want us to help develop your crush on Fred to Fred himself.

Candy: Yes, will you please.

Polo: Sure, If you'd be willing to give a little of your something, if you know what we mean.

Candy: Huh, here you go guys.

Marco and Polo: Thanks Lil Sis.

Candy: Hey, anytime, now can you please help me.

Marco: Sure, but there some things that you'll have to do alone.

Candy: Like what.

Polo: Like confessing your love to him.

Candy: Do I have to.

Marco: In order to make him like you, yes.

Candy: Okay.

Fred: Here's your order.

Candy: Uh, Fred, I have to tell you something.

Fred: What is that, Candy.


Fred: Really, that's so sweet of you, here's my phone number.

Fred: Call me when you arrange a date.

Candy: Okay.

Candy: Marco, I did it.

Marco: You did.

Candy: Yup.

Marco and Polo: Well good job, Candy.

Marco: Now you're on to step 2, asking a boy on a date.

Candy: What do I do.

Polo: Just simply call him about the date.

Candy: Okay.

Candy dials Fred's phone number

Candy: Hello, Fred.

Fred: Hey, Candy, is that you.

Candy: Yup.

Fred: So what did you want to ask me.

Candy: It's about the date.

Fred: Oh, when do you want to arrange it.

Candy: What time and day is good for you.

Fred: Well, I have work off for two days starting tommorow.

Candy: Okay, then how about tommorow.

Fred: Sure, okay, it's a deal.

Candy: YAY!

Candy: Oh, and bye

Fred: Bye.

Candy hangs the phone up

Marco: So, what he say.

Candy: I got the date! YAY!

Marco: Good job, Candy.

Polo: Yeah, good job.

Marco: So when's the date.

Candy: Tommorow at 7pm.

Marco: Okay.

7pm Hits

Marco: Then when you get to the You Know Wha-

Candy: Gotta go.

Marco: Oh, bye Candy, and good luck.

Candy: So, hey Fred.

Fred: Hey Candy.

Candy: So, wanna Kiss.

Fred: Sure.

Candy kisses Fred

Fred: Bye Candy.

Candy: Bye Fred.

Marco: So, how did the date go.

Candy: It went great, and he kissed me, and I don't think I'll wash these clothes again <3.

Marco: Oh, that's great.


Fred: ^It went as planned, It went as planned, It went as planned, It wennt as Plannned, oh yes, I'm loved my first date, with her, hopefully she'll more plannneddd^ YEAH!.


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