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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Sugar Pops

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



Sugar Pops:
Standby: So, why did you bring us here, Sugar!?!?
Marco: Yeah, why did you.

Polo: Yeah, Like Marco and Standby said.

Shawn: Yeah, why did you bring us here.

Sugar: Well, I brought you here to see my new Sugar Pops Popsicle Palace.

Standby: Wow, that's great.

Marco: Yeah, yeah it is.

Polo: Mmmm, Popsicles.

Shawn: So delicious.

Sugar: Yup, that's why I brought you to try some.

Everyone: Okay.

Trys the popsicles and gets stuck in constuction

Sugar: Ah, fizzbites, I'm stuck in my whole contruction.

Standby: Sugar, we'll find a way out.

Marco: Yeah, maybe one of the Construsion workers we'll be here notices a help sign on the back window.

Polo: Yeah, Marco's always right, when have we ever let Marco down.

Sugar: Good Point.

Sugar: And Marco, great idea, we'll put a helpsign on the window were in to help us get out of here.

Puts help sign

A few hours later

Sugar: Ugh, this is taking forever.

Polo: Yes, I know.

Shawn: Marco, When are we gonna experince a contrucsion worker.

Marco: Anytime now.

Construction Worker: HUH! someone needs help.

Gets them out of door


Polo: Sweet ground, muah muah muah.

Marco: I knew my idea was going to work.

Standby: Thanks goodness Marco's idea worked.

Shawn: Yes, hooray for Marco.

Cues Song

Polo:^Marco is the best, he always helps us a lot, and now were gonna thank him with this song^

Sugar:^Marco, you helped us a lot, Marco you introduced me to Standby who was the first crush I ever had^.

Shawn:^You helped me turn into a regular being, and I'm really proud of you^.

Candy:^You helped me go out with Fred, which was the best^.

Polo:^Yes, he helped us with a lot of things, a lot of things, so many thiiinnnnngss.


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