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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Romance Relies

Submitted: July 07, 2013

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



Romance Relies:

Marco and Polo play video games

two hours later

Bonnie: Hello fellas, what can I get you??

Polo: <3

Marco: Sorry, Polo's not in the condition to order.

Marco: But...... I'll have Two pieces of pizza and a cup of orange juice

Bonnie: Okay, your order will be up in a minute.

Polo: I think I'm in love.

Marco: Yeah, no crap.

Polo: Hey Boss, can I tell you something.

CEO: Sure, anything Polo, what is it.

Polo: I think I'm in love.

CEO: Ooh, better watch out for that Romance Bomb

Polo: The what??

CEO: Well, lemme tell you something about romance, kid, there's always been this rumor that if you fall in love with someone, and that someone loves you back, it could create the Romance Bomb, but luckily it's just a rumor, it's never ACTUALLY happened before, heck, we don't even know if it exsits, all's we know is it's just a made-up rumor.

Polo: Okay.

CEO: Is there anything you wanna tell me kid, or is that all???

Polo: That's it boss.

CEO: Okay.

phone rings

Polo: Hello???

Bonnie: Hey sugar.

Polo: Bonnie???

Bonnie: Yes, it's me.

Polo: What do you want???

Bonnie: I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date.


Bonnie: What time and day do you want me to come over??

Polo: Hmmm??? Is Tuesday at 9pm good enough for ya.

Bonnie: Yes, yes it is.

Bonnie: See ya, Polo.

Polo: Bye Bonnie.

Polo: Yes, she asked me on a date.

cues song

Polo: ^Lododadeladedolodedo lodedodododo eh ah eh ah^

Chicken Palace

Polo: This is the place she wanted me in.

Polo: Hey Bonnie.

Bonnie: Hey Polo.

Shawn: So, what do you wanna order.

Bonnie: Well, I'll have the Chicken Wings with Potato Wedges.

Polo: I'll have what she's getting.

Shawn: Okay, your order will be ready in a minute.

Polo: So Bonnie, wanna see me do a headstand.

Bonnie: Sure.

Polo does a headstand for 2 minutes

Bonnie: Bravo, that was wonderful.

Shawn: Your order's ready.

Bonnie and Polo: Thank you.

Bonnie: Sooo, what'd you think of the food.

Polo: It was great.

Bonnie: Oh, I guess I better award you with this.

Bonnie kisses Polo.

Polo: :D

Bonnie: Sooo, bye.

Polo: Buh Buh Buh, Bye.

Bonnie: He'll get used to it :)


Polo: ^I finally got kissed, and it wasn't a great mess, everything went right, as I planned, nothing wrong, everything right, everryyythinnnggg riggggghhhhttt^.

Polo winks


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