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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Marco To The Rescue

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



Marco To The Rescue:
Polo: Marco, help (chokes)

Marco: HUH! I'll save you.

Marco unchokes Polo

Polo: Yay, thanks Marco, you're a hero.

Marco: A hero.

Polo: Yes, a hero.

Marco: :D

Polo: Uh, Marco.

Marco: Bye, Polo, I'm gonna save other people now.

Polo: Okay, bye Marco.

Candy: Are you sure you know what Marco's doing, Polo.

Polo: No idea.

Candy: Okay.

Marco: Hello, Old Lady.

Amber: Oh, hello, Mar-, wait, what did you call me.

Marco: Heh, heh, uh, Bye.

Marco runs away

Amber: Ah man, he got away.

Marco: Hello, stupid.

Shawn: Oh, hello, Mar-, wait what did you call me.

Marco: Uh, didididididid, uh, bye.

Shawn: Where do you think you're going when I get my hands on you you're dead.

Marco runs away

Cop #1: What's the matter.

Amber: He called me an old lady.

Cop #1: That's not a law.

Shawn: He called me stupid.

Cop #1: Uh, that's not a law either.

Elvis: He told me I was dead.

Bill Murray: He told me my role in Ghostbusters sucks.

Ben T. Looney: He told me I sucked as a cartoon character.

Cop #1: QUIET! look, not of these are laws, until someone can report me with a real law, I can't help you.

Everyone: Fine.

Cop #1: Finally, some peace.

Marco: You're-

Polo: Marco, STOP!, you're going TOO FAR.

Marco: Why, what I do.

Polo: Marco, just because you were a hero, dosen't mean you can do whatever you want.

Marco: Uh, sorry everybody.

Everyone: It's okay.


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