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Chapter 36 (v.1) - French Bugs

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



French Bugs:

Marco: Who are you.

French Bugs: Were the French Bugs.

Marco: What, are you gonna turn into french fries or something.

French Bugs: Uh no.

Marco: Well then I think you should change your name.

French Bugs: What's wrong with our name.

Marco: French fries, (Laughs)

French Bugs: Oh, would you shut up.

Marco: Why am I annoying you.

French Bugs: Yes, you are.

Marco: Well maybe I wouldn't be annoying you if you weren't gonna be turned into french fries.

French Bugs: And what makes you say that.

Marco: Uh, cause there's a bug fryer behind you.

French Bugs: Where.


French Bugs: Are you being serious.

Marco: Yes, I'm being serious.

French Bugs: Oh no, it really is a bug fryer.

Marco runs away

French Bugs: Ah, help us.

Marco turns into Super-Marco

Super-Marco: Don't worry I'll save you.

French Bugs: HUH! Super-Marco.

Super-Marco: Yes, it is I, Super-Marco.

Super-Marco: Here to save your lifes.

Super-Marco saves the French Bugs from the Bug Fryer

French Bugs: Thank you Super-Marco.

Super-Marco: You're welcome, French Bugs, but there's one thing I want you to change.

French Bugs: What.

Super-Marco: You're name.

French Bugs: Oh okay, goodbye Super-Marco.

Super-Marco: Goodbye.

French Bugs: We'd like to change our name.

Name Register: Change it to what.

French Bugs: Change it to Cy Bugs.

Name Register: Okay.

Cy Bugs: Thank you.

Name Register: You're welcome.

Marco: Hey, French Bugs.

Cy Bugs: Oh, were not that name anymore, were now called Cy Bugs.

Marco: Oh okay.


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