SMV Bugs

Status: Finished

SMV Bugs

Status: Finished

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SMV Bugs SMV Bugs

Book by: Kris Adams

Genre: Children Stories


Book by: Kris Adams


Genre: Children Stories



Bugs, Marco, Polo, and Candy, work for a bomb factory called SMV, which their job is to stop bombs from happening.


Bugs, Marco, Polo, and Candy, work for a bomb factory called SMV, which their job is to stop bombs from happening.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2013

Reads: 12

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2013



Follow My Nose:

Shawn: There terrible horrible creatures.

Marco: What are.

Shawn: Platypuses

Polo: What are Platypuses.

Shawn: There these terrible horrible-

Polo: Just get to the last part already.


Polo: So, I love water.

Marco: Me too, what gives us a reason to hate water.

Candy: Yeah.

Shawn: Platypuses.

Marco: That's it, were going underwater.

Shawn: NO!

everyone except Candy, they go underwater and find the platypi.

Everyone except Shawn: HUH! There REAL!


Marco: Were sorry, our friend keeps annoying us.

Dodo: It's all right, we always get complaints, were pretty the losers in town.

Marco: Why don't you ever go to get air.

Dodo: Well, you see sometimes we need water, so sometimes it dosen't allow access to air.

Marco: Oh, well do you wanna come up here for a little bit.

Dodo: Sure, come on, Bolo, and Fruit.

Marco: Hey Candy, were back.

Candy: Oh and I see you've became friends with the Platypuses.

Marco: Yes, yes we did.

Dodo: Say, we were wondering, do you wanna come visit us??.

Marco: Sure.

Candy: Uh, we can't make it, our Mom dosen't want us going underwater afternoon.

Dodo: Oh, Ok

Marco: What are talking about, Candy, we haven't seen our Mom in years.

Candy: Well, it's just cause I'm afraid of the dark (whispers).

Marco: What was that.

Candy: I'm afraid of the dark (still whispers).

Marco: I'm sorry, I still can't hear what you're saying.


Marco: Yeesh, you don't have to yell.

Dodo: What, how could you be afraid of the dark.

Candy: I don't know, I just am.

Dodo: Do you want us to help you.

Candy: Sure, I guess.

Dodo: Okay everybody, cue song.

Dodo: ^Follow your nose, Follow your nose, Dangit Digit round with your big streat toes^.

Marco: ^Follow your nose, eyes stayed close, alls you gotta do is just prepose^

Polo: ^There's another way of looking around just open up your fences, open up and lose your feeeeaarrrs^

Candy: Yes, I'm not afraid of the dark.

Everyone: YAY!

Cues song again

Dodo: Alls you gotta do is follow your nose, follow your nose, bangit bangit here with streat feat toes, follow your nose, follow your nose, and your fears dissapear^.

Candy: Awesome.

Marco: Okay, were coming now.

goes underwater

Marco: MMM, that was a great picnic, thanks for sharing with us.

Dodo: Hey no problem, we'll take you home.

tries to go home but gets lost

Marco: Ahh shoot, were lost.


Marco: Candy, calm down.

Candy: Ok.

Shawn: Now we need to solve our problem.

Candy: Wait, how about we use the Donut riple.

Dodo: What's the donut riple.

Shawn: Oh yeah, right you're new, it's a dance Marco, Polo, and Candy always used whenever they thought of something.

Dodo: Okay.

Candy: Now, let's dance.

Donut riple dance ends

Candy: I GOT IT!

Marco: What ya got, Candy.

Candy: Follow my nose, of course.

Marco: Do it, Candy, Do it.

Candy follows the trail back and finds everyone

Marco: CANDY!

Candy: I found you guys.

finally goes back to where they were

Marco: Thanks for that, Dodo.

Dodo: You're welcome.

Candy: Thanks for making my fear go away.

Dodo: You're welcome.


© Copyright 2016 Kris Adams. All rights reserved.

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