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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Babies at Birth

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



Babies at Birth:
Polo plays paddleball then suddenly....

Bonnie: HUH! My bubble popped, Polo!.

Polo: Comin sugar.

takes her to the hospital

Candy: Hey, Polo, I figured I'd check on Bonnie.

Polo: Okay.

Candy: Hey Bonnie.

Bonnie: Hey Candy.

Candy: So watcha doin.

Bonnie: Oh just layin here, bored.

Candy: Oh, well, when's the baby supposed to come out.

Bonnie: In 23 hours.

Candy: No worries, you'll make it.

Bonnie: Okay, well, what should I do until then.

Candy: Get a little bit of sleep, you seem tired.

Bonnie: Ehh, okay.

Candy: Bye, and night.

Candy: Bye, Polo.

Polo: Bye, Candy.

23 hours later

Polo: Bonnie, wake up.

Bonnie: Huh, what's the matter now.

Polo: The doctor's here.

Bonnie: Oh, okay.

Doctor: okay, now let's get those babies out.


Bonnie: EGH! I'm trying!

Polo: PUSH!

Babies cry

Marco: Am I not too late to cut the extension cord.

Polo: Nope, you're not too late, they just came out.

Marco cuts extension cords

Polo and Bonnie: YAAAAYYYYY!

Polo: They look SO CUTE!

Bonnie: I know right, they look VERY CUTE!.



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