I walk on freedom road

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A young boy goes on an adventure, and yet his whole life unfolds before his eyes..........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I walk on freedom road

Submitted: January 13, 2007

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Submitted: January 13, 2007



I walk on freedom road

Chapter 1 part one



I woke up early from that god dam rooster. My mother was getting breakfast at this time thou, I don't know how she dose it.

Shalla said "Minco get your bloody ass down here now".

"Mother, I'm 17 now, I'm not a little kid anymore, I do have dreams you know, well other then a farm boy, mom I want to do something good or something important to everyone, or at least to be a hunter."

"So, I guest not getting your eggs or food from the garden isn't important, because I don't think you'll be eating with that attitude in my house. Hmm......... your just a slacker. "

"I'm not a slacker mom, I just want to do something better then anyone in this hell of a village."

"Hey, why don't you go see your friend Neco?"

"but he's probably not even a wake at this time".

"get your bum ass over there now!"


I stormed out of the house just as my sister walks by

Femellea said " hey brother."

" Bite me"

"Whatever minco."

Mother yells FEMELLE......................."Then the door shut,

" I really don't even want to know what she did." So I continue down the dirt path that was still a bit muddy from the morning rain. His house was on the out skirts of our village, at least I think it's was the last house on the road. It was a distance but I'm used to now, but I finally got there it was a huge wooden house with lots dead animals heads with some human heads, WHAT!? I ran to his door, knock, knock. With a vary deep voice from the door "who goes there?"" It's just me minco" the door opens quickly, a big hand comes out and just grabs me. "You late for hunt, very late!" neco said, "sorry neco, my mom told me to come over, hey wait, what did you just say??" "yes you mom told me to bring you on hunt today." "wow I didn't know, wow, so what are we hunting?"

" buck and bears and cat and squirrels." neco said with great pride, so he hands me a crossbow, I look up he has this big longbow, " why can't I use that one?" "you too small for this one and you have no meat on you, ha ha ha ha," neco said with a big chuckle.










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