How do you Love someone you Hate?

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Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



 I sat in my room listening to my ipod, Lil Wayne came blasting through the speakers that I had my ipod hooked up to. I smiled. I was bored and hungry, but there was never anything to eat, and I had to go to work in an hour.
I sighed and sat up on the edge of my bed. I looked around my room. It wasn't great but it was the nicer part ofthe house. I grabbed my binder out of my book bag and sat at my desk and pulled out my homework assiginments.
About half hour later I put everything back into my bag and got my work clothes ready so i could take a shower and get to work. I didint have time to finish my math so I guess Id have to finishit in homeroom tomorrow.
I got out of the shower about ten minutes later. I pulled my natural brownhair in to a pontytail, then put on a light layer of make up. Eye liner and a little bit of lip gloss. Then I walked out the door grabbing my phone and keys off the nightstand on my. I was a cashier at walmart, not the best job but what do you excpet of a seventeen year old girl.
I got there and the parking lot was full. I found a parking place across the street, I sighed as I crossed the road, this was going to be a long day.
About four hours later,sense Ionly worked part time,I was tired and my feet hurt from standing for so long, no break. I clocked out and went to my car.
My phone started to buzz in my pocket.
'Hello?' I answered.
'Hey I've been trying to get a hold of you for like the past hour! Where have you been?!' I heard my best friend Leea's voice come through the phone. I wanted to laugh at her over exagerated, erritated voice but resisted.
"I was working. Remember I told you this in fifth period today!" I yelled as I pulled out of the parking lot.
"Oh true? Sorry I must have forgot.’ Yeah thats Leea for ya alright. "But anyways theres this HUGE party tonight and we are so invited!" She squieled over the phone exagerating the word ‘huge’.
I just smiled and thought about it for a minute. "Uhm ok then, what time should I pick you up?’ She squieled into the phone making me take it away from my ear. I did laugh that time, she was like a little kid when it came to partys.
‘Ok so met me at my house in like thirty minutes.’ I sighed and pulled into the drive way, my mom was home.
"Ok I will. But I got to go get ready." I hung up the phone and got out of the car.
When I walked in the house was quite except the T.V in my moms room. I walked as quitely as I could to my room and shut the door. I undressed quickly looking for some nice clothes. I pulled out a green tight tank top and some blue skinny jeans that went great with my black boots with fur. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.
Then I walked to the bathroom and began putting my makeup on. This time I put on a thick layer of eyeliner adding some mascara, silver eye shadow and a light layer of redish pink lip gloss. I looked in the mirror about fifteen minutes later and smiled, saticfied with my results. I grabbed my phone and keys off the night stand and headed out again.
As I was walking down the hall I heard the sound I had been trying to avoide.
"RILEY IS THAT YOU?!" My mother screamed from behind her bed room door. I was debating answering her when the door to her bed room swung open and there she stood in a dirty green robe.
"And where the hell do you think your going?" She said slurring her words, probably the effect of the vokda I could smell inluminating off of her.
"Out." I stated flatly.
"Oh the hell you are. Your going to go back to your room and stay there. AND QUITE BUGGIN ME!" With that she slammed the door in my face. I just sighed and walked out side and to my car.
It didnt matter that she told me to stay, she'd forget I even exsisted in about another half an hour anyways so whats the point.
When I got to Leea’s house she came running out with some short shorts on and a cute white top that looked very firmiluar.
I think she stole that from me last weekend.
She had long bleach blonde hair, and flawless skin. She was pretty and sweet, but could be extremly annoying at times, but she was my best friend and I would beat the hell outta anyone that tried to hurt her.
I smiled as she got in. But my smile soon fadded as she told me where the party was at.
This was going to be a long night.

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